Science Projects for Seniors

seniors science projectA science club for senior nursing home residents? What a great idea!

I came across an article about health and had to share what I read with our customers! It discusses the award winning program, Science for Seniors, which placed first place for best practice from the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals. A science activity for seniors makes so much sense because science is engaging, fun, and thought provoking.

The article encourages activity directors to explore incorporating science into their programs in four steps: introducing a topic, presenting fun facts, watching a video on the subject and conducting an experiment with residents. The activities, coupled with the experiment, will engage residents and stimulate their minds. You’re never too old to learn something new! For example, you could plan a science day or series of events around the subject of Plumbing.

science kit

Participants will have the chance to learn something, as well as collaborate with others in their community. Give it a try! There are so many experiments out there to meet the needs and interests of your residents. If you need some inspiration, head to our science kits to see where you can start, or comment below with any questions and we can help you plan your activity.

Get more ideas in the full article from about health titled: Science Projects for Nursing Home Residents. I love the story about the WWII Veteran being engaged through a science program on submarines.


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