A Dandy Bouquet for Mother’s Day!

For anyone out there who thinks they can’t craft and need tons of spare time to do one, this project is for you! With many crafts, you may think to yourself, this won’t take too long….. then hours later…. you’re still not done.

This craft is for pretty much any age group and we think it will make the perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift!


T-Shirt Yarn
Bisque Flower Vase

Start by cutting about a three inch long strip of T- Shirt Yarn and set it to the side, then begin wrapping the T-Shirt Yarn by the spool around all of your fingers (except your thumb).


Take the loop of yarn out from your fingers and tie a knot around the center using the separate strip of yarn you set aside. Make sure you tie it tight and double knot it so that it doesn’t come undone.


Take your scissors and cut the two loops.


You may need to do some snipping here and there so all of the pieces of yarn are the same length.


Finally, take your straws and stick them through the center of your pom pom daisy! Want to add some color? Try tie-dying them!

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