8 Fourth of July Crafts Under $1

You can get creative for under $1 per person this Fourth of July with these awesome craft kits. Whether you have a Celebrate America camp theme, need an activity for a 4th of July barbecue, or you have older residents that are looking to show off their Patriotism. We handpicked 9 crafts for you below that are all equally awesome, but each one offers something different depending on your audience and what you want to accomplish.

 Patriotic Super Visor

Let your inner Fourth of July spirit shine here! Crafters can draw fireworks, stars and stripes, a full flag, or anything they feel Independence Day represents to them on this sun blocking DIY visor. (Encourage adding glitter if you have some in your supply area)

Fourth of July crafts

Catch it Cones

A craft and game in one? We love this!  After the design has dried, go for a personal best on how many times in a row you can catch the ball in the cone.

Fourth of July craft cones

DIY American Flag Picture Cube

This is the perfect craft to display images from your Fourth of July cookout, or even to gift to a family member for them to display their favorite pictures in.

Fourth of July kids crafts

USA Fans Craft Kit

Use markers to decorate your fans with patriotic colors for the Fourth of July! The plain backside of the fan may be colored as well, or even attach pictures of your patriotic holiday celebration.

Fourth of July craft kits

Patriotic Wood Pins

This craft is so fun because there are so many different design options with the wood pieces in the craft kit.  Then there are so many uses. You can wear it to display your pride in your country or even as an accent or accessory on a picnic basket, back pack, flower pot, wreath, etc.

Fourth of July activities

Zing Wing Gliders Craft Kit

Another craft and toy combination. So many fun ideas – race them, see how far you can fly them, and even turn them into a lesson on gravity.

Fourth of July craft activitiy

Proud Puzzles Craft Kit

A great make and take!  Everyone loves puzzles and these are perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

Fourth of July puzzles

Patriotic Bracelet Craft Kit

This is a great summer camp craft for older children. Make red, white and blue rubber band bracelets and wear them with pride! The kit includes rubber bands, pony beads, clips and  step by step instructions on how to make the bracelets. They can be created with finger weaving or using our EZ Looper.

Fourth of July bracelet craft kit

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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