6 Types of Games to Get New Residents Involved in Activities

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If you are finding that your facility’s newest residents are avoiding your activities because they don’t know anyone, then try adding several social games to your monthly calendar. Here are 6 types of social games to schedule for your activity program.

  1. Puzzle Games

Since a lot of residents enjoy doing their own crossword puzzles and word search puzzles, consider hosting a fun crossword puzzle or word search puzzle contest. To play, simply provide pencils and copies of the puzzle to each resident to see who will be first to complete the puzzle. Be sure to provide fun prizes for the winners to encourage repeat participants each time you host the activity. For the activity, use large-print crossword puzzle books.

  1. Conversation Games

Residents will quickly learn more about one another by playing fun conversation games. For instance, playing games like Table Topics, Chat Pack, or Table Talk, where you ask fun questions about your residents likes, dislikes, and past experiences, will allow your new residents to introduce themselves while playing the game.

Another fun conversation game is You Be the Judge. With that game, residents are able to pretend that they are the judges and are able to share their decisions and perspectives about real life court cases.

  1. Nostalgic Games

Help your new residents share information about their background with others by playing fun nostalgic games. For instance, pass around black and white photos to have residents reminisce about past events and occurrences. In addition, use seasonal cards, like autumn cards, to help residents recall their past traditions during each of the seasons.

  1. Card Games

Additionally, invite your newest residents to participate in the card games that they enjoy. Simply set up card clubs that meet each week so that your new residents can bond with other residents who enjoy playing the same games. Use easy-to-read cards for fun clubs like a Bridge Club, a Pinochle Club, or even a Poker Club.

  1. Bingo Games

Since most residents enjoy bingo, consider adding a few fun bingo games for your residents. For instance, play a familiar face bingo where residents identify Old Hollywood celebrities on their bingo cards, or TV show bingo where residents identify retro television shows from the 1950s and 1960s.

Another bingo-like option is the fun game of Pokeno where residents play bingo using playing cards.

  1. Sporting Games

In addition, use some of your new residents’ favorite sports as ideas for fun games. Add in their favorite hobbies and games as fun tournaments, like hosting a bowling tournament, a shuffleboard tournament, or a golf tournament.

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  1. We had quite a few new folks several months ago and some still don’t seem to be interested in becoming involved. So, thanks for these ideas! I think they may be very helpful!

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