10 Of Our Favorite Green Crafts

Planning out an environmentally friendly lesson plan for your students? We have plenty of Green crafts at S&S for you to incorporate into your program!

Garden Rain Gauge Craft Kit

The Garden Rain Gauge Craft Kit is the perfect group activity! After your group members decorate these colorful, metal rain gauges in ladybug, dragonfly and butterfly shapes, they can be used to dress up the yard or garden while they track the rainfall. Educational crafting fun!

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EduCraft Grass Hair Planters Craft Kit

Your group will never have so much fun with plants. They’ll create the most hilarious, most bizarre planters you’ve ever seen out of nylon, topsoil pellets and grass seed.

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EduCraft Scholastic Pine Tree Planters Craft Kit

Teach your students how a  tiny seed grows into a majestic tree! Kids can discover how by applying beginning science skills to a fun creative craft! Watching the growth process allows children to experiment with prediction, problem solving and so much more.

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Flower Garden Kits

Decorate your planter, grow, and enjoy your plants! Teach your students the importance of nature by combining STEM lessons with crafting. Learn about our Marigold Kit and Morning Glories in these blog posts.

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Metal Water Bottle Craft Kit

Be hip and stay hydrated with this 16-oz. stainless steel bottle with screw-on stopper. Color any way you’d like with markers. Bottle easily loops on to a backpack or belt.

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Go Green Backpack Craft

Take these reusable drawstring backpacks anywhere! They are super lightweight so kids will love them for carrying school items and more. Use permanent markers and other decorating materials to personalize your Go Green message.
go green crafts

Care for the Earth Craft

This character-building craft teaches kids to “pay it forward,” put the Earth first and make a difference in their communities. Using recycled paper, construction paper, or cardboard, have kids draw the Earth and write how and why they care for it. Start a discussion on ways they can help our planet.

go green crafts

GreenForcers Wanted Poster

Alert your GreenForcers team about the diabolical EcoVillains! Be on the look out for dastardly environmental destroyers like Wayne B. Wasteman, Boy Plunder and Rob Ozone. Kids cut out and glue the features of these creeps onto Wanted Posters, jotting down their distinguishing characteristics and the bad deeds they’ve done. Bring the EcoVillains to justice and win one for Mother Earth while encouraging literacy skills and creative thinking.

Green Crafts!

Reduce Reuse Recycle Green Tote Bag Craft

Reusable, environmentally-friendly tote makes a great carry-all for toys, magazines – even groceries! Use acrylic paint or markers to decorate, plus add some fun foam shapes.

Green Crafts!

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