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More About Field Day

Get ready for Field Day with S&S this Spring and Summer season!


Field Day Supplies

Students thrive when they’re able to explore and have fun with their peers. When it comes to outdoor activities, nothing compares to a well planned field day. Field days are all about having fun in the sun and will typically include a variety of activities, games, and of course, prizes. At S&S Worldwide, we have everything you need to create a field day that will be unforgettable.


Field Day-Themed Activities

We take away the guesswork of great field day ideas, offering a variety of field day games that are perfect for children of all ages. If you want to ensure that there is never a dull moment, choose from our wide selection of field day-inspired games, crafts, and prizes. Some of our most popular all-aged field day games include: 


Field Day Fun Pack - When it comes to field day resources, this pack has it all. Our Field Day Fun Pack kit involves a variety of games for relay-style play, plus the ability to run numerous games at once. This pack includes potato sacks, tug-of-war rope, plastic hoops, playground balls, flying discs, orange cones, balloons, award ribbons, and more. It's ideal for those who are hosting their first field day or need to update their games and activities.


Ginormous Spoons and Egg - This activity is sure to get a great laugh from all involved, putting both balance and patience to the test. It’s a great activity for solo events or team efforts and will have everyone cheering on the participants.


Team Bucket Challenge - Teamwork makes the dream work, and that is especially true when it comes to team-building challenges. The bucket challenge, available with different goals and sets of rules, is designed to ensure everyone gets involved.


Water Balloons - A field day wouldn’t be complete without water balloons. Our balloons are designed for tossing and launchers. Our value pack comes with 250 balloons, accommodating any size group.


Flying Discs - There are so many games you can create that involve flying discs. From low-intensity toss to fast-paced ultimate frisbee, there are endless possibilities. Just set up a few hoops, and you have an easy-going yet highly competitive disc golf course. Whatever activity you choose, you can’t have a field day without flying discs.


Craft Stations - Field day doesn’t have to be fast-paced the entire time. Provide a fun break with a tie-dye creation station or even a bracelet-making activity. Our Color Me Balls are the perfect craft for getting back into action. Teams can decorate their own balls and then use them in a head-to-head competition. This allows the kids to get creative and create something they can take home to remember all the fun they had.


Hoops - Test coordination and flexibility by creating a challenging obstacle course made out of hoops. We provide hoops, connectors, and support bases. All you need to do is lay out the course and get ready for the fun.


Field Day Accessories

In addition to our selection of field day activities, we also have all the accessories you need for all-day fun in the sun. Our silicone bracelets make identifying your different teams a breeze. We have enough whistles for all the referees on the field, available in a variety of bright, eye-catching colors.


Plan Your Next Field Day with Us

By allowing us to provide your outdoor activity day ideas, you are free to focus on having fun! We provide games, field day prizes, and various crafts for field days that are sure to impress. All our supplies are made with the highest-quality materials, designed to withstand the wear and tear of field days for years to come..