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Split Team Mug

Item #:W14128
A perfect new field day activity!
  • Specially designed mug comes in two halves, each with its own handle
  • Work together to keep the liquid inside the mug
  • Have pairs dip the mug into a large bucket and race to pour it into another bucket
  • Mug is made from ABS plastic and measures approx. 4.7”W x over 8”H
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More about Split Team Mug:

Specially designed mug comes in two halves, each with its own handle. Work together to keep the liquid inside the mug. Have pairs dip the mug into a large bucket and race to pour it into another bucket. A perfect new field day or carnival activity. Also suitable for tailgate fun with adult beverages. Mug is made from ABS plastic and is approx. 4.7”W x over 8”H. Includes 2 mug halves to make up one mug.

Family Fun Activities:

Water Transport

Goal: To see which team can use the Team Mug to transfer as much water as possible from one container to another container.

Equipment required:
- 1 Team Mug per team (or have the teams compete sequentially, set a competition time and just use one mug)
- 2 large containers; one container will hold the reservoir of water and should be wide at the top to allow players to hold onto their half of the mug and dip it into the container. A 15 to 20 gallon tub will work best. A 5-gallon bucket can be used as the reservoir but will definitely be more challenging. The second container is what the players will dump the water that is in the mug into. A 5-gallon bucket will work for this container. Ideally the 2nd container should have graduation markers that indicate how much water is in the container.

- Determine and advise each team how much time they will have to try to fill the 2nd container.
- Set the two containers any desired distance apart from one another. 20’ to 30’ works well.
- A team can consist of 2 or more players. The players from each team should pair up and form two lines with one player from each pair in each line. At a start signal, the first pair will take one side each of the mug by the handle with one hand and working with their partner fill up the “whole” mug with water. Teammates can decide if they want to try to match up the two halves of the mug before they put it into the container or join them in the container. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Next, they raise it up out of the bucket and decide if they want to bring it to the other end to fill the other container. They must decide before they take any steps, once they take a step they are committed to taking their turn. If after they take one or more steps, they determine if there is not enough water in their mug to bother dumping it into the 2nd container, they can just end their turn, hand their half of the mug to the next pair of players in line, and proceed to the end of the line. If a team has an uneven number of players, they can just go to the back of the line and will eventually be paired with another player from their team as the line progresses.

The team with the most water in the 2nd bucket at the end of the allotted time wins the game.

Half Blind Water Transport – Same as above except one of the players in each pair of players must wear a blindfold (like our W8742) throughout the entire contest. Their team can talk to them and instruct them what to do, but cannot physically help them in any way.

Blind Water Transport – All players except one from each team must wear a blindfold. When attempting to fill their mugs from the reservoir, players are allowed to use both hands to try to line up the mug. Once they remove the mug from the reservoir container, they must release the 2nd hand and are only allowed to use one hand and it must hold onto just the handle. The player not wearing the blindfold is the coach. They instruct the blindfolded players where to walk, how fast to walk, and when to dump their mug into the 2nd container.

Indoor Play – If you don’t want to get water all over your floors, then fill the reservoir container with ping pong balls (like our W9957) or any other lightweight object (packing peanuts are worth a try) and play any of the above games.
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