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S&S Exclusive Brands

If you're looking for quality products at an affordable price for your group activities, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the following brands for reputable sports equipment and arts and crafts products to enhance the experience! All brands have been tested and approved by us at S&S Worldwide and contain many budget-friendly items for your activities.




color splash



gator skin

   SPECTRUM >     




Bulk craft supplies

at a budget price!

The original foam coated ball!

Durable and kid-friendly.

Quality Sports & PE products

for your program!







velvet art



color me





Raised black velvet borders

make coloring easy!

Turn a blank white canvas

into a coloring work of art!



Our Brands - More Information


Color Splash:

Bulk craft supplies at a budget price! Color Splash features a wide variety of arts and crafts supplies, including paint, markers, glue, tie-dye, and Color Splash crayons. All of these products are budget-friendly, making this the perfect brand for your school activities, summer camps, or fundraisers. Kids can get messy, so all Color Splash products have been tested and contain non-toxic formulas, making this a safe brand for younger children.


Gator Skin:

The original foam-coated ball! Gator Skin is the perfect brand for playground balls, plus they’re super kid-friendly. While other dodgeballs can lead to injuries and are easily torn, Gator Skin dodgeballs are much safer and more durable. They’re also lightweight and wrapped in a non-sting coating, allowing them to be more easily gripped and resistant to tearing. Gator Skin balls come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, so they’re perfect for any game you have planned. Whether you're looking for school PE equipment or want something fun for the kids, Gator Skin has got you covered.



Looking for quality sports and PE products for your program? Spectrum is the brand for you. Spectrum offers budget-friendly sports equipment for your PE class or home gym. These products have been designed and approved by us due to their durability and resilience. Our Spectrum brand includes products that you can use for schools and recreation, but also sporting goods with more competitive players in mind, including basketballs for high school practices and games. Their wide array of versatile and colorful products makes Spectrum one of the best brands for school gym equipment.


Velvet Art:

Raised black velvet borders make coloring easy. If you’re looking for easy-to-use and budget-friendly arts and crafts activities, consider these Velvet Art products. This brand makes arts and crafts more exciting for kids. Velvet Art offers many different products for a variety of activities, including Velvet Art Posters, 3D Velvet Art, and Fabric Velvet Art. Each product comes with black velvet borders, making coloring easy, relaxing, and kid-friendly. Make your crafts unique with these beginner-friendly products that are great for any program.



Turn a blank white canvas into a coloring work of art! Color-Me crafts give everyone a creative outlet. Unlike other coloring crafts, Color-Me maximizes creativity by starting with a blank canvas, encouraging users to be as expressive as possible. All you have to do is add color to your products of choice. Each pack contains a different number of pieces, allowing for easy activity planning for any size group. The variety and versatility of these products make Color-Me the perfect choice for any event.