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Turn a blank canvas into a work of art!

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What is Color-Me™?

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Color-Me™ from S&S Worldwide is a line of craft projects that provide a “blank canvas” to inspire creativity and allow each person to create a unique, personalized project. Color-Me™ items come in a range of pack sizes, from 6 to 12 pieces up to 48 , so you can plan your projects for any size group - small to large!  


Just add color!  It’s so easy to decorate Color-Me™ crafts! You can use a variety of products depending on the surface, like permanent markers, fabric markers, acrylic paints or fabric paints. Some projects can be finished using crayons, colored pencils, markers and tempera paint. Plus, if you choose, add embellishments like glitter, sequins or gemstones...let their imagination run wild! 


With our wide selection of Color-Me™ items such as paper crafts, bisque, fabric, magnets, keychains, hats, bags, and more. There is definitely something to appeal to everyone and every organization. Make personalized projects for the classroom, recreational programs, fundraisers, parties & special events, camps - any place where creative group crafting is welcome! 


Our Color-Me™ crafts are also perfect for themed ideas! The blank, white surface allows your group to make any design and with any color, like a superhero cape or a patriotic hat or a puppy dog bank. They also make great gifts for the holidays and seasons. 

Why Is Color-Me™ Great For Any Program?


           • ENCOURAGES CREATIVITY! The blank surface allows freedom of expression and creativity. 

           • WIDE VARIETY! Assortment of craft projects, surfaces, and pack sizes choose from.

           • TESTED and APPROVED by our manufacturer and staff

           • VERSATILE! Designed to be used for any program, like schools and summer camp




Our top selling Color-Me craft projects!






Use fabric markers or fabric paint to color these projects!



Fun holiday themed craft projects for your group!



Decorate ceramic banks, plates, and other fun shapes with acrylic paint or permanent markers.



Use paint, markers, and add stickets, glitter and gems to these paper projects.








More fun materials to color!