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Velvet Art

- Coloring made easy! -

velvet art

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What is Velvet Art?

velvet art

Velvet art provides a unique coloring experience. The raised, black velvet borders make it easy to stay in the lines, ensure coloring success. Our designs provide hours of fun, creative activity for any age and ability, while also encouraging relaxation and focus.


Our exclusive Velvet Art selection provides a BIG variety of no-fail coloring projects - everything from sturdy cardstock posters in a variety of sizes & dozens of designs, to motivational magnets and even fabric project like totes, caps and banners. No matter what age group, there is something to appeal to everyone.


Customers love velvet are because there are no special supplies required - it's easy to color Velvet Art with markers, colored pencils and even crayons. The bold black borders provide contrast, and when the coloring is complete the results are amazing! Creative and fun projects with guaranteed great results - who doesn't love that?


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Why Is Velvet Art Great For Your Program?


           • BUDGET FRIENDLY -Great prices for your program, with bulk packs available for groups. 

           • WIDE VARIETY - Assortment of items to color, variety of designs and patterns!

           • EASY TO COLOR -The raised velvet areas act as a guide for all ages to color successfully.

           • TESTED and APPROVED by our manufacturer and staff

           • VERSATILE -Designed to be used for any program, like schools and summer camp


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3D Velvet Art

Velvet art with an extra dimension! Our selection of 3D posters are a fun way to experience art and bring your project to life. Color in the poster, then fold up the pre-scored foldouts for a 3D effect. Velvet printed cardstock is mounted over unprinted stock, so the white areas show when pieces are folded up. Our 3D posters make for great display options and provide a fun goal to finish the project to see how the art will change and take shape as the fabric is folded to reveal the final look.


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velvet art fabricVelvet Art Posters

Velvet art posters featuring nature scenes, inspirational messages, abstract art, animals, superheroes, and more. Posters are a great option for groups who are looking for a bit more of a challenge. Unlike a standard coloring page, velvet art posters will provide the opportunity for greater detail work, exploration of colors and time committed to the project. With 3D velvet art, the raised borders minimize the risk of going over the lines, ensuring a finished product to be proud of.



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velvet art fabricFabric Velvet Art

Color your own fabric bags, totes, baseball caps, hanging banners, aprons, patches, and more using fabric markers or paint, or permanent markers! 

Fabric velvet art is for more than just hanging on the wall. The possibilities are endless with this unique coloring option. Whether you are a parent, educator, or activity director, you’ll love the possibilities that fabric velvet art offers. Having a practical option that can serve multi-purposes increases the level of pride your group will feel and inspires them to take their time to color carefully and accurately. Velvet art also makes for a great gift for family and friends around the holidays!


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velvet art fabricVelvet Art Craft Kits

With velvet art craft kits, you never have to worry about forgetting something on your supply list. These kits make this easy activity even easier. Craft kits come with everything you need to complete the project, including sand, markers, glitter, and glue. You’ll love the convenience of having everything you need to ensure there is no delay in getting the project done, as well as avoiding having supplies you don’t need. 



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velvet art fabricVelvet Art To GO!

Now you can take your favorite coloring projects on the road! This pack features individual sets of mini velvet-flocked posters for portable coloring!

Includes 2 spiral-bound booklets each with 10 different designs - a total of 20 pictures to color! Each 4x6 mini poster is perforated at the top for easy removal before or after coloring and perfectly sized for convenient packing in a backpack, for car or plane trips, or fitting into a drawer. Easy to color with markers, crayons or colored pencils! 



Diy quilts art project






Velvet Art Mandala Video



velvet art coloring supplies





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Velvet art posters featuring nature scenes, inspirational messages and more!






3D designs make your project come to life!



Decorate fabric bags, hats, and banners using fabric markers!



Craft kits come with everything you need to complete the project!



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Watercolor Posters


Put a smile on everyone's face that
you cross paths with that day.  
Whether it be an Emoji design, a
word like "SMILE" or a favorite
happy quote; you have the
opportunity to really bring
out the best in someone's day by
carrying your positive messaging with you.



More about Velvet Art?

When it comes to exploring your creativity, S&S Worldwide is proud to provide numerous artistic options that are fun for the whole family. If your group wants to expand their options for arts and crafts, velvet fabric art can create a new passion for coloring, offering a unique challenge and final finish. Black velvet art posters look like true masterpieces, worthy of framing and admiring for years to come.


Velvet art allows groups of all ages to enjoy coloring in a safe and fun manner. Having difficulty learning to stay within the lines? Are you worried about your table or floor surface getting marked up with crayons or markers? With black velvet art, staying in the lines is easier than ever. The velvet borders also help to ensure the design pops, giving any finished product a unique, eye-catching look. Velvet fabric art provides a unique sensory experience that is sure to keep your group entertained for hours.


With velvet art, there are endless possibilities to find exactly what fits your group's interests. The various projects allow for creative freedom, exploring fun designs such as animals, space, mandalas, nature and more.