Monthly Book Activity- Batter Up! History of Baseball

Batter Up! History of BaseballBatter Up! History of Baseball (Time for Kids Nonfiction Reader) – by Donna Rice

Story Summary

We are just finishing up baseball season! This book will teach young readers all the facts Baseball classroom activityabout America’s national pastime. This informational text is full of colorful images, timelines, and charts. Readers will learn about basic rules of baseball, the first World Series, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and famous baseball players.

Recommended Ages – Grades 3-4

Activity 1

• Before reading Batter Up! History of Baseball, have the students get into groups of two or three. Let them know that they will be learning about baseball and the history of baseball. Before reading the book, you want to check their prior knowledge and see what they already know.
• Distribute a T-Chart mat and Dry Erase markers to each group and have them write True on the top left and False on the top right.
• The teacher will distribute a worksheet of 10 true or false questions for the groups to work on together.
• Once the groups have completed the questions, go over each question as a class to determine which questions are true and which ones are false.

MaterialsBook Activity for Classroom

Tabletop Easel
Dry Erase Markers
Worksheet with prepared baseball true or false questions

Activity 2

• Now it is time for the students to read Batter Up! History of Baseball and search for the answers to make the false baseball statements true.
• This activity can be done in a guided reading group or students can remain in the groups they were in for the T-Chart.
• On a piece of chart paper write baseball in the middle of the paper and draw a circle around it.
• Students will search for facts about baseball, write them on a sticky note and place the sticky note outside the circle on the chart paper. This will create a concept map with facts about baseball.


Batter Up! History of Baseball
Ruled Easel Pad
Yellow Stick-on Notes
Ticonderoga Pencils

Activity 3Children in classrom

• Students will extend their learning about baseball in a writing activity.
• Students will create an Acrostic Poem using the word Baseball.
• Students can use words from the book Batter Up! History of Baseball to complete their poem.


Bright White Sulphite Drawing Paper
Ticonderoga Pencils
Crayola Colored Pencils

Activity 4

• To finish up the study of the book Batter Up! History of Baseball, the class will play a game of Baseball Jeopardy.
• On the classroom white board create a table with categories on top and points that will correspond with questions underneath. For example, students can choose “Baseball rules for 200”.
• Place the students in four groups. They can work as a team to answer the questions.
• Each group will have a buzzer to press and buzz in when they have the answer to a question.
• When a question has been answered erase the corresponding points from the whiteboard.
• Groups can keep track of their points on a personal white board at their table.


Light and Sound Buzzers
Dura-Rite Dry-Erase Board
Expo Broad Chisel Tip Dry-Erase Markers
Expo Dry-Erase Erasers
Personal White Boards

Guest Blogger: Melinda Brown, Reading Recovery Teacher at East Lyme Public

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