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AlertSeat for classroomBack in the second or third grade classroom again, and hoping that recess gets here soon!  All of us can remember those days in elementary or even middle school when our inner scholar was challenged again and again by hard, uncomfortable seats and the teacher’s stony gaze that seemed always to turn on us when the urge to stretch or fidget became irresistible.

In today’s classroom, things can be different and better. There is a new choice for every student that combines the best current ideas in seated movement and learning promotion.  It’s called the AlertSeat, and it provides a unique combination of correctly sized ball seating with comfort and stability. They can change the learning environment in your classroom.

AlertSeat Design

AlertSeats allow ease of alertseatmovement, even bouncing and repetitive motion, without disrupting the class or the individual student’s focus and attention. Their design, in five sizes, includes a heavy duty therapy ball enclosed in a zip off washable cover, secured with VELCRO® attaching straps to a matching six leg stable stand with molded on rubber feet, and a convenient carrying handle. They promote time on task for both typical and exceptional students, and can often assist youngsters with ADD, ADHD, as well as Autism Spectrum diagnoses to stay focused and seated. For the smallest students, the design strengthens the core muscles needed for upright seating and promotes good posture.  At the end of the day, the AlertSeat’s one piece stable design goes easily onto the desk top, and does not roll all over the room like other ball seating choices.

  • Helps improve posture
  • Encourages more time on task
  • Assists in therapy sessions
  • Provides sensory options
  • Moderates repetitive movement

alert seatAlertSeats are available in a variety of colors, and the comfortable zip off, washable fabric cover provides a superior sensory experience for exceptional students, as well as enhanced comfort for every user. They are popular classrooms, therapy settings and student’s home desks and dining rooms all over the country. In schools, just two or three in a classroom can make a big difference by providing the teacher with a useful option as well as a reward for students who can benefit from an AlertSeat.

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About the Author:

Howard Newman developed the idea for AlertSeats after seeing loose, unstable, and rubbery exercise balls being used for educational seating. After retiring from a successful wholesale industrial supply company that he owned for 35 years, he decided to create a new company, AlertSeat. At 73 years old, he continues to grow the business and revolutionize the way we view seating in education, therapy, and administrative settings.

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