Simple Fundraiser Ideas for Your School


Learn 4 simple fundraiser ideas that you can use to raise money at your school! We teamed up with Family Fun Magazine to provide teachers and parents with some fun new ideas.

Find some great ideas below and download the entire printable guide here: Best School Fundraiser Ideas

Wide World of Pledge-a-thons

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Idea: Do just about anything – but collect money for it. Here’s a list of ideas for marathon-style events.

  • Bike-a-thons & trike-a-thons: Older kids complete miles and younger ones laps around a track. One Tricycle Rodeo in California even had the trikes decked out like steeds, with the tots in full cowboy regalia!
  • Miracle Marathons: Kids log a cumulative 26.2 miles of walking, running, or other exercise over a designated period of time.
  • Serve-a-thons: Students volunteer a number of hours to clean up city parks, visit nursing homes, or perform other acts of kindness.
  • Read-a-thons: Kids collect pledges for finishing books, or they participate in a marathon read-aloud session.
  • Think-a-thons: Kids commit themselves to learning a certain amount of information.

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5 School Fundraising Ideas for Teachers & Parents


school fundraising ideas

Parents and teachers share creative ideas that go beyond raffles and car washes and keep the fun in fundraising. We teamed up with Family Fun Magazine to share these 5 ideas that you can recreate at your school!

Find some great ideas below and download the entire printable guide here: Best School Fundraiser Ideas

1. Send Your Teacher Packing

St. Bernadette’s Catholic School in Springfield, Virginia came up with the idea to have a Surprise Teacher Getaway Raffle. Nearly half the school’s 380 students entered their favorite teachers and staff into a drawing that featured a parent-donated four-day vacation. They received over $3000 toward interactive whiteboards.

Students decorated the raffle tickets with stickers, “Good Luck!” messages, and smiley faces. The tickets said “Please send          on vacation.” Families bought them for $5 each, filled in a teacher’s name (and their own on the back), then entered them in the vacation drawing. With nearly half of school families participating, minimal work, and happy kids and teachers, this fund-raiser was truly a win-win solution. Continue reading

Best Fundraising Ideas For Your Nursing Facility


fundraising nursing facilityIs your Arts & Crafts Club in need of some extra funding for supplies? Organize one of these fundraising ideas to help your nursing facility raise money.

1. Bake Sale

One of the most popular fundraising events for activity departments is the bake sale. It’s relatively easy to set up: using just a table and the baked goods. This idea works extremely well if your facility has a Baking Club who can contribute some of the homemade desserts. In addition, you have the option to bring in your kitchen staff to make a few baked goods as well.

Keys to Raising the Most Cash:

  • Specify a minimum donation instead of set prices for the individual baked goods. For example, make a sign that states “Minimum Donation: $1 per item” and set out a donation jar for patrons to place their cash. Most patrons will end up donating more. Continue reading

Fund Raising and Grant Writing for After School Programs


Fasten your seat belt, this article is a trip into the (sometimes) dull but essential world of finance. My pledge to you is to make these explorations useful and informative, and to lead you to fund raising and grant writing success for your after school programs. Then after you get your grant, you can head here to find out how to continue getting funding.

After school program grants come with their own set of challenges, not the least of which is finding a funding source. For today, we’ll assume you’ve found a source (there will be more about this later, I promise).

After school programs have gone through changes in recent years. You’re used to images of students sitting at desks with worksheets designed to put anyone to sleep, and teachers at the front of the room snoozing behind newspapers. Now (thankfully) we see active, alive, purposeful, carefully designed project based learning programs. Halleluiah! Kids have always deserved the best we can provide, especially after school.

after school boredom

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