Exclusive Products Made Just For You


Did You Know? In the mix of the many products that S&S offers our customers, we have exclusive items that have actually been created and developed here?

Our merchandising team is so passionate about understanding YOU, our customer, that they seek out the best products to support your programs, classrooms, and organizations.

If they can’t find it, they create it! I love love love this! 

Over the past few weeks (I’m new to the company!) I have been able to spend some time with our product merchandisers. They are so passionate about what they do that it has made me passionate about highlighting some of their exclusive products here on our blog.

So I asked them, “What are factors that go into creating a product for our customers?” Their answer was in my question….It is OUR CUSTOMERS! The feedback you provide to us at S&S through surveys and relationship with our associates here help determine where our focus should be. Couple that with trips to suppliers, retail stores, bloggers and internet resources and we’ve got a recipe for success.

Ours sports & recreation product manager, Brian Feeney, even involves his kids in the process of testing the fun, usability, Brian Hulaand engagement of products.

Kat Lord and Ann Kollegger, responsible for our arts & crafts products, use a number of tools to ensure that we are able to offer relevant and exciting tools for educators, therapists, and our wide range of customers.

”I scour trends on Pinterest & retail stores (arts & crafts/toy/apparel & jewelry/general merchandise). I read tons of magazines and follow several bloggers – in Art Education, Crafts, DIY, you name it. Just getting that kind of mental and visual stimulation gets the creative juices flowing,” says Kat. Continue reading