No-Flame Advent Wreath – Christian Activity

no flame advent wreath

Approximate Time: 30 Minutes
Appropriate Ages: 4-10

A No-Flame Advent Wreath is a great way for young children to celebrate the Advent season! Children are able to make and “light” their wreaths without the danger of being burned!

Set aside a few minutes each day during Advent to “light” the candle(s) and worship. This will help everyone in the family to get ready for Jesus’ birthday celebration!

On the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day burn the first candle, read the Scripture references, sing a carol and pray. On the next Sunday, you will burn the first and second candle. Continue in this manner until the Sunday before Christmas when you will burn all four candles. On Christmas Day you burn the center “Christ Candle,”
signifying that Jesus has come!

What You Need

  • 4 Cardboard toilet paper rolls
  • 1 Cardboard paper towel roll (cut 1/3 of it off)
  • Glue
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Purple, pink, whitem, and green paint (or colored construction paper)
  • Styrofoam disk
  • Small pine branches (real or silk pics)


1) Paint 3 t.p. rolls purple and 1 pink (or cut and wrap colored construction paper around the

2) Paint the paper towel roll white, or wrap with white paper.

3) Paint the Styrofoam disk green. Allow to dry

4) Carefully push, while twisting the t.p. rolls into the disk. You can place a bead of glue on the bottom edges of the cardboard rolls so they’ll stay put.

5) Place the pine pics around the cardboard rolls.

6) Push yellow tissue paper into the cardboard rolls and then pull up to “light” your “candles.”

Learn more about Advent!

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