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Activities for your healthcare facility to help with
cognitive skills, like problem solving and memory.
1. Aquapaintings™ Easy Pack
A unique, reusable painting activity that only uses water! Can facilitate conversation about the real-life images while giving the user a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
2. Sensory Activity Pad
A portable pad that’s perfect on tabletops or laps and provides a variety of tactile sensations and familiar activities that can keep residents engaged, active and busy. And it’s machine washable!
3. Brainpaths®
With the science to back it up and registered with the FDA as a medical device, Brainpaths is an incredible breakthrough: a neurological medical device that stimulates the brain. And it’s a really fun, simple, tactile activity.
4.Ther-Jigsaw™ Puzzle
The absolute best puzzles for memory care! Thick foam pieces that are easy to pick up and assemble featuring big, bold, beautiful, age-appropriate images.
5. Sound Spa Relaxation System
Offers instant calming and therapeutic relaxation with 6 different high-quality, digital recordings that can relieve stress, reduce agitation and facilitate a restful night’s sleep. Also can run on batteries and has 3 auto shut-off time options!
6. Primelife® Orientation Board
A must have item! Features big, bold print that’s easy to read and even easier to change. Keeps everyone informed and offers comforting orientation about their day and surroundings.
7. Twiddle® Muff
Comforting and calming for agitated clients by offing repetitive tactile stimulation from detachable and exchangeable gadgets with hook and loop fasteners. Easy machine washable!
8. Joy For All™ Cats
Instant companionship! Amazing interactive technology that creates a personally rich experience full of fun, joy and friendship to an elderly loved one.
9. Conversation Cards
Designed to encourage reminiscence and conversation about both big and small aspects of personal experiences in ones life with big, bold images and a combination of both closed- and open-ended questions.
10. Squish Discs
Soft, tactile, fun to look at and oh so soothing. These are the perfect calming fidget for frail or arthritic hands. Easy to warm or cool with tempered water and very easy to clean!