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Plan your school Field Day event with these top 10 activities!
Students can have fun while learning skills like balance, coordination and teamwork.
1. Indoor Outdoor Team Bucket Fill Easy Pack
It’s the classic race to fill the bucket game with a few new twists! Both teams get a large 19-gallon to use as the main storage container and race to fill the smaller, clear 3-gallon buckets. Fill the tub with water and transport it using our Team Mugs or the sponge foam balls. Fill the tub with table tennis balls and transport with the Team Mugs for indoor fun!
2. Deluxe Soft Tug Rope, 50'L

Plan a classic tug of war game for this year's Field Day! This rope is made of 100% cotton, so it's soft enough to eliminate rope burn but still durable enough to handle a 20,000 lb. tensile strength. The 50 foot size is perfect for handling around 25 students at a time.

3. Team Pull Harness

A great team building activity for Field Day! A team of up to 6 players will pull their teammate around an obstacle or a certain distance to a finish line. Use a Boogie board for students to sit on, or for indoor use they can stand on felt floor guide spots.

4. Roll Chamber

This Field Day item can be used in a few different ways! Students can crawl inside and transport themselves to the other end of the field for a rolling race, or you can turn it on it's end and use it as a basketball hoop! The clear inner 'tube' section provides excellent visibility for kids inside.  

5. Toss Four Game Target and Balls

Hang this target outside for Field Day and have students practive their tossing and teamwork skills! This is a fun alternative to the favorite 4 in a row game. You can use it as a throwing game or have kids race to see who can get the most balls stuck on the target in a given time. 

6. Patriotic Parachute

Field Day is not complete without a parachute activity! This new patriotic design is vibrant and themed for upcoming holidays. It is 12 feet in diameter and made with durable polyester fabric and is stitched around the entire perimeter for added strength. There are 12 handles.

7. Team Run Mat
This is definitely a PE teacher favorite for Field Day. Students will learn cooperative movement and teamwork as they work together to move as a unit. They are 30 inches wide and fit 3-4 kids. Includes two mats, one 
with orange on the outside and one with blue on the outside. Made from tough woven polyester fabric.
8. The Hole Game

Sack races are great for Field day events! They help develop motor skills and coordination. Students can team up and race around obstacle courses. The first team to have all students complete the course first wins! Comes in a pack of 12.

9. Belly Bumpers™
We've gotten some great feedback that students love these bumpers! You can use them for fun as bumpers, or challenge kids to run through an obstacle course. They can't fall or they have to start again, and so does their teammate!
10. Field Day Bracelets

What better way to liven up a relay race or game of tag than with these fun foam frog feet? Kids can work on improving balance and leg strength. The pack features 2 adjustable length foam padded handles.