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My Lists makes it EASY to create and share lists of items for quick ordering in the future. Your default list is cleverly named "My List".
My Lists
Keep it simple and use the default "My List" OR create and share multiple lists as a way to manage future orders... it's up to you!
Adding Items To My Lists
To add an item, click the "Save to My List" link near any item. If you have multiple lists, you'll be able to choose which list to add the item to.
Create New Lists
Create new lists by clicking the "Create a New List" link on the My Lists page. Give your new list a name and start adding items.
More Ways To Create Lists
Save a previous order as a list by clicking "Save To My List" from the Order History page.
Save your shopping cart as a list by clicking "Save Cart" on the Shopping Cart page.

Retrieve a saved cart right from the shopping cart page.
Manage My Lists
To manage My Lists, click the "My Lists" icon at the top of any page.

From the My Lists page, you can:
  • Create new lists
  • View your lists
  • Edit your lists
  • Delete your lists
  • Share your lists
  • Print your lists
  • Export your lists to Excel
While editing lists, you can add some or all items to your shopping cart, copy some or all items to another list, or delete items.