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Family Engagement Resources

Your guide to extending the learning environment 

Research suggests that students who regularly engage in family activities related to their education are more likely to achieve higher academic scores, decrease the amount of absenses, and improve overall health and learning.

Family engagement is now more important than ever, and plays a crucial role in a child’s education. Meaningful family engagement occurs as a result of an authentic partnership between the home and organizations including schools, YMCA, and recreational programs. S&S is committed to helping communities work together to improve the learning process. 


Learn how you can encourage family engagement for your program with the resources below.



family engagement resources


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S&S is your Family Engagement Expert


Creating opportunities for parents to actively participate in their child’s learning journey is paramount. S&S is commited to helping schools meet their yearly progress goals, and bridging the learning gap created by the pandemic. Family Engagement can be a challenge in many communities, and support is needed to create a school to home connection. We can help build a program to meet any of your family engagement objectives, including take-home bags, reading kits, resource guides, themed kits, snacks for your events, and more.

Our Family Engagement Take Home Bags in particular are thoughtfully designed to extend an active and engaging learning environment from the classroom to the home. By including books, craft materials, and activities related to STEAM, SEL, Literacy, and Math, we can provide a comprehensive learning experience while aligning with the criteria for allowable Title 1 and ESSER expenditures. With grade-specific options available, our products cater to the unique learning requirements of each age group, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for students. We also provide a comprehensive Parent Engagement Guide.

By embracing our family engagement tools, schools can foster a collaborative partnership between teachers and parents, enabling students to thrive academically and reinforcing the importance of family engagement in education. 


family engagement



5 Principles for Family Engagement


family engagement principlesAccording to Dr. Karen Mapp (2003), a strong connection between the school and family leads to higher grades, test scores, attendance, and graduation rates. Students also benefit from increased self-esteem and confidence when their families are engaged. Strong partnerships with families are essential for schools, community organizations, and faith-based organizations. Dr. Constantino (2021) has provided researched-based principles for schools and organizations to expand their partnerships with families to promote improved student learning. 


These 5 principles serve as an essential foundation to implement, measure, and sustain true family engagement. 


Principle #1 - Create a Culture that Engages Every Family - This step is foundational because the collective beliefs and values must truly be supportive of engaging every family.  True family engagement cannot occur unless it is embraced in the organizational culture.


Principle #2 - Communicate Effectively & Develop Relationships - When there is meaningful two-way communication with families, stronger relationships and trust develops between the families and the school. 


Principle #3 - Build Family Efficacy - When parents are equipped with the knowledge and skills to support their child's learning, they can play a tremendous role in improving students' learning outside of school.  Our Family Engagement Take-Home Bags are such a powerful way for organizations to promote family efficacy.


Principle #4 - Engage Every Family in Decision Making -  Organizations should put processes and structures in place to ensure that each family's voice is valued, respected, and heard.  Families should have a voice in decisions and policies impacting the school or organization.  This makes families feel appreciated and promotes more meaningful engagement.


Principle #5 - Engage the Greater Community -  It is important to leverage the resources in the community to best support families.  Schools can form productive and strategic partnerships with YMCA's, Boys & Girls Clubs, and civic organizations to maximize their collective impact on students' achievement and success.  




S&S is partnering with Successful Innovations, a leader and proven education reform specialist in strategic family engagement solutions. Through this partnership, we can provide communities with the resources needed to support the learning process. As the founder and host of the National Family Engagement Summit, Successful Innovations is committed to supporting the capacity building and growth of family-facing professionals and administrators who are passionate about growing and developing positive family and school partnerships.

This year's summit will be held in Kansas City, MO in October. Attendees can also attend virtually. S&S Worldwide is a Silver Sponsor for this event. Learn more at


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