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November Daily Holidays Ornaments & Gift Tag ideas


December Daily Holidays



Choose the holiday below to see all the fun activities we offer:


Christmas Lights Day (12/1)

Special Education Day (12/2)

Hanukkah begins (12/2)

Make a Gift Day (12/3)

National Dice Day (12/4)

Wildlife Conservation Day (12/4)

Bathtub Party Day (12/5)

International Ninja Day (12/5)

National Cotton Candy Day (12/7)

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day (12/10)

World Choral Day (12/10)

Gingerbread House Day (12/12)

Monkey Day (12/14)

Cupcake Day (12/15)

Snowflake Appreciation Day (12/18)

National Hard Candy Day (12/19)

Crossword Puzzle Day (12/21)

National Short Story Day (12/21)

First Day of Winter (12/21)

Christmas Day (12/25)

National Thank You Note Day (12/26)

National Candy Cane Day (12/26)

Visit the Zoo Day (12/27)

National Card Playing Day (12/28)

New Years Eve (12/31)



Christmas Lights Day - December 1st

Rope Lights, 18'
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Special Education Day - December 2nd


Hanukkah Begins - December 2nd


Make a Gift Day - December 3rd



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National Dice Day - December 4th


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Wildlife Conservation Day - December 4th

Bathtub Party Day - December 5th



International Ninja Day - December 5th



National Cotton Candy Day - December 7th




Worldwide Candle Lighting Day - December 10th



World Choral Day - December 10th

Gingerbread House Day - December 12th



Monkey Day - December 14th



Cupcake Day - December 15th




Snowflake Appreciation Day - December 18th

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National Hard Candy Day - December 19th


Crossword Puzzle Day - December 21st

National Short Story Day - December 21st



First Day of Winter - December 21st


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Christmas Day - December 25th


National Thank You Note Day - December 26th



National Candy Cane Day - December 26th



Visit the Zoo Day - December 27th

Zoo Animals
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National Card Playing Day - December 28th

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New Year's Eve - December 31st