Saving the Day at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

The Hole in the Wall Gang CampOn any given day as an S&S associate, I have the profound pleasure of having the opportunity to work with many non-profit organizations that both enrich and enlighten the lives of so many people. One such special customer is The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. This is a camp in Ashford, CT founded by Paul Newman (yes, the Paul Newman) in 1988 in an effort to provide a unique kind of healing through laughter and hope to seriously ill children and their families. The foundation has grown their mission to 9 programs that serve over 30,000 children and families annually, at no charge, throughout the Northeast.

The Camp was holding an extra special program this past weekend, and reached out to us to help fulfill their program needs. Last week, I was given the opportunity to demonstrate our phenomenal customer service and dedication to this customer. This is something that we are empowered to do here as associates in the realm of S&S Worldwide’s “WOW” Culture.

The children and families attending The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp were filled with excitement and anticipation for the weekend filled with fun and good times. One very important item for the program was shipped to our facility, arriving just a day before their program start date. If we had to ship it, it would have never made it in time for the families and children to enjoy it. Everyone at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp was at risk of missing out on the planned activity.

Fear not, employees of S&S! Our dedicated team received the item just in the nick of time, packing it up to zoom out and safely deliver to the camp site.  Not only did this ensure that the special activities that The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp had planned for the participants, but also exhibited the type of commitment and dedication that we have always prided ourselves on.Ssworldwide delivery

Article written by: Josh Slack, Senior Account Representative at S&S Worldwide

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