Royal Rush PE Activity

Royal rush pe activity

If you are looking for a game involving short vigorous activity, Royal Rush is your game. I learned this game from a fellow PE teacher.  It was inspired by our own Kansas City Royals and their ability to steal bases! This is a very short, fast paced, agility filled game. I promise it will wear your students down and they will absorb all of the benefits of physical activity.

Equipment Needed: 

  • 4 bases marked with floor tape spaced out 10-13 feet away from each other in an equal square
  • A taped X to mark the middle of the bases
  • 6 bean bags

How to Play Royal Rush

Four students will play at a time. Each student will start and have their own base. Each base will have 1 bean bag on it and there will be 2 bean bags on the X in the middle. One base will be marked as the “Royal Base” which is designated to the winner of the game.  The winner will have the responsibility of setting up the next game, and they get to play again.

All four students start with one foot on their base and one foot behind it. The next person in line will start the game with “GO!”. The objective is to be the first student to get 3 bean bags on their base at one time. Students will run to steal bean bags off of other student’s bases. They can steal one bean bag at a time from a base, or a bean bag from the middle. They will run it back to their own base and drop it. They will continue to steal bean bags until there are 3 on one base. When a student has 3 on their base, they will throw their hands up in the air and yell “ROYAL RUSH!!” The winner will get to stay and set up the game as the next 3 students in line will find a starting base for the next game.

I will only set up two games going on at once. It is very vigorous activity for the kids, and they will need short little breaks by waiting in line so their body can recover. These games can last anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes depending on how the students are moving. By the end of class, students will be tired as can be!

Here is a video of my students doing the activity:

tic tac toe relayAbout the Author:

Matt Barrows is currently in his 4th year teaching Physical Education and Health at Clardy Elementary. He has many accomplishments at this school. He led a fundraiser to raise money for a 40-foot rock wall in their gym. ESPN sponsored their Donor’s Choose request and matched $4000 of the total cost. In his 3rd year of teaching, Matt was selected by his peers and received the Traditions of Excellence in Teaching award, then was chosen by the school district to be put in the Teaching Honor Cadre.  They have 30 schools in the district and he was 1 of 12 chosen for the entire district. Matt also started an after school running club that has about 200 participants of our 500 enrolled students.  This year he has received a grant to begin Project Fit America in the fall of 2016. Matt says he couldn’t ask for a better job where he can have hundreds of kids enjoy fitness!

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1 thought on “Royal Rush PE Activity

  1. You could do the same thing using hula hoops as bases and using a much higher number of “bases” for classes with higher numbers. Instead of having a kid sit out in a game and disengage from the activity, you could put 2 or 3 on a team at a base with only one team member going at a time. I usually make the number of bean bags so small that its hard to actually get the desired number. This keeps the activity high and the games longer so kids don’t get bored of the game.

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