Phys Ed Trending Topics – PE Central FB Group (Vol 3.)

If you teach children from grades Preschool – 12th grade, and you’re currently not in our PE Central Facebook Group, you’re missing out on highly engaged Professional Development!  We are going to begin pulling the stats on the most engaged posts within the private group to share here, with you!  So let’s take a look at some of the topics that were heating up the gym the past few weeks.

We include the link to the posts, however you must be part of the private group in order to gain access. PE Central reserves the right to refuse, block and delete anyone from the group. If you want more information on the activities or ideas, we encourage you to comment in the section at the bottom of the blog and we will reach out to the correct person for you.

Pe Central facebook group post

#1 for the Week

Don’t you just love some DIY?  Especially when someone else spends their time to help you organize your precious PE equipment!  See the answers here.

badminton stand


#2 for the Week

Using PE class and using technology to get kids moving, we love it. This quick informal poll is mixed in with some ideas on projectors in the gym. See the comments here.

projector ideas in the gym


#3 for the Week

This is a very touchy subject for the PE World right now. Many program relied on these funds to purchase equipment, but wanted to support it because of the money that also went to their local and state oganizations. See the comments here.


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