Classroom Book Activity – Rosie’s Walk

rosie's walk book activity

Classroom Book Activities for: Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins

Story Summary

Rosie the hen is going for a walk on the farm. As she walks around the farm, she doesn’t seem to notice the fox following her. Read to find out what happens to the fox and if Rosie can get back home safe.

Recommended Age: 1st Grade

Activity 1

  • Gather the class on the rug to introduce Rosie’s Walk. As a whole class, do a picture walk of the story. The teacher can model how to do a picture walk or students can volunteer to say what they notice about the pictures.
  • During the picture walk, introduce new vocabulary such as flour and mill. Write the new words on chart paper.
  • After the picture walk, read the story to the class.


Activity 2

  • The next day, re-read Rosie’s Walk to the whole class.
  • After reading, talk about the setting for the story. Where and when does the story take place?
  • Next talk about characters. Who are the characters in the story?
  • Then tell the students that they will create their own fox and hen puppets. Show an example of a completed puppet for each animal. Students will create their own puppets to help re-tell the story.
  • At a center, students can use their puppets to re-tell the story using a story map.


Activity 3

  • At another center, have sentences from the book written out on sentence strips.
  • Mix up the sentence strips and have the students put them back in the right order for the sequence of events in the story.
  • A copy of the book can be at the center for students to check their work.


rosie's walk classroom bookActivity 4

  • Gather the class together to introduce a writing activity. The students will choose two new animals and make their own stories.
  • Brainstorm ideas together. What animals could they write about and what will they be doing? Write student ideas on chart paper.
  • Students can also illustrate their stories, maybe even have only an illustrated page like how the author made Rosie’s Walk.
  • When students have finished their stories, have students take turns in the Author’s Chair to share their work.


Guest Blogger: Melinda Brown, Reading Recovery Teacher at East Lyme Public

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