Indoor Recess Activities That Keep Students Active


indoor recess activities

Every teacher knows that feeling: it’s raining, it snowed and the fields are covered in snow, it’s too cold, it’s too hot, they are mowing the lawn, or perhaps doing work on the playground and you can’t take the students out for recess. It is very frustrating because as teachers, we know that the children need recess. Not only is it good for socialization, but the exercise benefits their academic study. But many times, teachers resign themselves to doing nothing. They give students free time, or break out the board games, educational and non-educational. While this is great for the students at times, it’s best to also give students physical activities during recess.

Silent Speed Ball

This game is definitely a crowd pleaser. First, students make a circle. They can play either sitting or standing. You start with one ball. The students have to pass the ball across the circle to another student. The students cannot talk during the game. If a student talks, they are out. Or, if you want no outs, then have them do 10 jumping jacks to get back in. Continue reading