Superhero Theme for Bullying Prevention Month


superhero theme bullying preventionOctober is National Bullying Prevention Month. It’s a time when parents, educators, and their community work together to raise awareness about bullying, and the negative impact it has on students. Since children are inspired by their favorite superhero, this is the perfect theme to incorporate into your bullying prevention program. They understand the difference between heroes and villains, which will help teach some important lessons when it comes to bullying. Here are some activity ideas for your classroom or afterschool program.

Characteristics of Superheroes vs Villains

Draw a chart on your whiteboard, message board, or poster board with Villains written on the left, and Superheros on the right. You can also write the word “bully” under Villains, but cover it with a piece of paper. Have students think of words that describe villains. When they raise their hand and say the word, write it under that column. Many common characteristics they think of are evil, mean, violent, and scary. Now have them raise their hands and say words that describe superheros, and write them under that column. They will say words like strong, helpful, kind, and brave. Now ask them which they’d like to be, a villain or superhero? Reveal the word “bully” under villains. This is a perfect way to lead a discussion about bullies and how they make others feel.

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