How to Use Storytelling Yoga in the Classroom


classroom storytelling yogaIf you have an extra 15 minutes you can accomplish three things in your classroom:

  • Calm yourself and your students
  • Engage them in a story
  • Become more physically fit

You can accomplish all of this through Storytelling Yoga. It combines two popular yet age old activities; storytelling and yoga. The benefits of both activities alone are incredible, but when combined, you will likely engage more students than you normally would using only one of the two. This appeals to visual learners, audio learners and kinesthetic learners.

All you need are yoga cards, yoga mats, and children’s books.

The first time I did this activity, I used, “My Daddy is a Pretzel” by Baron Baptiste. This book is a great one to start with because it has the yoga poses mixed right into the story. However, if you intent to use what you have or do it for more than one lesson, any short children’s book will do.

Once you have your book, go through the yoga cards and pick ones that lend themselves to the story. For example, if the book talks about a body of water, you could demonstrate the waterfall pose. If the heroine comes on the scene, you could demonstrate the warrior pose.

storytelling yoga

Storytelling Yoga can be used in several ways. You can begin each class with a brief narrative and deep breaths, use it as a reward for good behavior, or during regular story hour. If you are trying to teach teamwork or cooperation, you can use the poses involving two people.

I use Storytelling Yoga once a week when the Special Education classes visit the Media Center. It allows them to focus on the story, while “acting out” the poses.. The activity takes very little prep time which is great. It combines learning with movement and physical education, and teaches students many different skills.

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storytelling yogaAbout the Author: 

Rose Sgambelluri has taught High School Business for over 20 years. She made the transition to Library Media Specialist 2 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She is currently employed as the Library Media Specialist at Boston Middle School in Laporte, Indiana. She has served as a consultant for the Laporte County Public Library; working in collection development, developing curriculum kits and training Library staff.

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  1. Wow! This article is really interesting, thank you! I think that it is so helpful for a person who also wants to increase their mental health or silhouette.

  2. Love this idea. Going to share with my son who will be a first time teacher of 3rd graders. He also has a Special Ed. Degree.


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