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Plan some fun activities, crafts and games for your Bible
School program, Summer Camp, or Church Group!
1. Bible Bingo
A fun way to learn about Biblical characters and stories! The game includes 6 player boards, card stock bingo squares, and 42 picture cards with images on the front and back. You can play the classic bingo game or use the suggestions on the back of the box for creative alternatives.
2. Stand Up Velvet Art Inspirational Sayings

A new and exclusive Christian themed Velvet Art craft! Each uplifting design can be colored with markers or crayons, and accented with gems or glitter glue. The raised velvet areas make it easy to stay in the lines. The finished designs can be folded and displayed standing up! Designs include Believe, Blessed, Faith, & Hope.

3. Catch the Spirit™ Playground Ball

Put some spirit into your kids' favorite classic playground games with this durable rubber ball! Use it as an icebreaker at Bible Camp so kids can get to know each other. When the ball is passed to them, they can share their name and something special about themselves. You can even play Memory Circle and have everyone repeat the person before them!   

4. Pearlescent Assorted Design Cross Pendants

Create beautiful necklaces and jewelry with these cross pendants. Comes with 4 different variations of the cross, in Red, Black, Ivory and Purple pearlescent colors. Each Cross is 1"x3/4" and made to use with thin weight cording.

5. Bible Trivia

These Bible Trivia Cards are great for teaching kids basic Bible knowledge. Features 4 categories of fun trivia, with 2 on each card. The cards are easy to read and handle, and can be used as a time filler in between lessons, ice breakers at camp, or a main lesson for Sunday School. 

6. Paper Mache Cross Box

Turn an ordinary cardboard box into something beautiful! You can use paint, decoupage, or markers to personalize. These cross boxes make great keepsake gifts! The removable lids and sturdy construction make them completely functional. Add decorative accents like gems and caft trim.

7. Color-Me™ Super Hero Mini Capes
Perfect for the 2018 VBS Theme "Hero Central". Kids can express what they believe makes God a true hero and color their own superhero cape to match. Decorate with fabric markers, paint, stickers and more! Host a Superhero Day event and help kids discover their inner strength in themselves and their strenth in God.
8. Color-Me™ Paddle Fans

Color your own message of inspiration and keep cool on warm days! Kids can write verses, draw bible stories, or personalize the fans with a message of faith. Use markers, paint, stickers, glitter and more! They are also double sided to allow more than one message per fan.

9. Party Tyme Karaoke Christian Celebration
Encourage kids to express their faith through music and song! This CD G features 16 well-known Christian songs and graphic scripting, which allows song lyrics to appear on a TV screen when played on a CD G karaoke machine. 
10. Collapsible Water Bottle Craft Kit

These BPA-free water bottles are lighweight and portable, so they are great for VBS, camps, and field day events. They can also easily clip to a belt or backpack. Kids can use the markers included to personalize their own bottle and hydrate their body, mind and soul! 

11. Jesus Loves You Message Bean Garden Kit
Teach kids the importance of planting a seed and watching it grow, and relate it to the meaning of life and faith. Plant the beans and they will sprout in 3-5 days. The secret message will appear on the bean: “Jesus Loves You”. Each kit comes with a sprouting dome, printed planter, Lima bean seeds, planting mixture and special growing and care instructions.
12. Burlap Potato Sacks

Plan a traditional potato sack race with activity theme titles like "Jumping for Jesus" or "Leaping for the Lord"! Turn this into a fun Christian learning opportunity while kids work together to make it to the finish line. This is also a great activity for developing motor skills and coordination.