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October Daily Holidays



Choose the holiday below to see all the fun activities we offer:


World Day of Bullying Prevention (10/1)

International Music Day (10/1)

World Farm Animals Day (10/2)

World Animal Day (10/4)

World Teachers Day (10/5)

World Smile Day (10/5)

National Diversity Day (10/5)

National LED Light Day (10/7)

World Octopus Day (10/8)

National Sneakers Day (10/9)

National Handbag Day (10/10)

National Metric Day (10/10)

National Train Your Brain Day (10/13)

National Chess Day (10/14)

World Food Day (10/16)

National Fossil Day (10/17)

World Student Day (10/19)

I Love Yarn Day (10/20)

Reptile Awareness Day (10/21)

National Color Day (10/22)

National Pumpkin Day (10/26)

World Occupational Therapy Day (10/27)

National Bandana Day (10/27)

Plush Animal Lovers Day (10/28)

National Cat Day (10/29)

Halloween (10/31)

Day of the Dead (10/31-11/2)



World Day of Bullying Prevention - October 1st

Color-Me™ Quilt
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International Music Day - October 1st


World Farm Animals Day - October 2nd




World Animal Day - October 4th



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World Teachers Day - October 5th


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World Smile Day - October 5th


National Diversity Day - October 5th




National LED Light Day - October 7th



World Octopus Day - October 8th


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National Sneakers Day - October 9th




National Handbag Day - October 10th



National Metric Day - October 10th




National Train Your Brain Day - October 13th



National Chess Day - October 14th

Chess Game
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World Food Day - October 16th

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National Fossil Day - October 17th



World Student Day - October 19th


I Love Yarn Day - October 20th

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Reptile Awareness Day - October 21st



National Color Day - October 22nd


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National Pumpkin Day - October 26th



World Occupational Therapy Day - October 27th

Pipe Tree
Rating of 5.0 stars
Rating of 5.0 stars


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National Bandana Day - October 27th



Plush Animal Lovers' Day - October 28th

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National Cat Day - October 29th



Halloween - October 31st

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Day of the Dead - October 31st