Using Google Drawings to Assess Student Learning

Google drawing for educationAssessing student knowledge can be challenging in physical education. Many teachers rely on multiple choice style assessments with a focus on rules. The problem with those types of assessments is they meet only standards that “identify ”. Standards where students must explain, diagram, justify, develop, plan, and describe need alternative assessments. Enter Google Drawings.

Google Drawings allows students to show evidence of their learning with not only their words, but visually as well. Pictures and diagrams are easily implemented. If your district is using Google Apps for Education, pre-made templates can be copied for each student in an assignment allowing for increased teacher flexibility when assessing student understanding.

Another terrific use of Google Drawings is using it as a tool to create infographics. I have used it to create student learning outcomes, informational posters, rubrics, and student assessment, which is shown below.

google drawing student learning

Student work example:

google drawings for education

How can you get started with Google Drawings? Installing the Google Chrome browser on your desktop is a great way to start. Creating a Gmail account is another. To learn how to use Google Drawings, start by watching the two videos below.

The most powerful aspect of all Google apps is the ability to share with others. Amazing infographics, assessments, rubrics, etc., can be shared. Share away! Our physical education community will be stronger for it.


About the Author : Dennis Gildehaus (@DennisinSD) is a middle school physical education teacher at Pacific Beach Middle School in San Diego, California. He’s been teaching physical education for 17 years.

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