Classroom Management for 2nd Grade Teachers

2nd grade classroom managementHere’s our new KISS article – Keep it Simple Strategies – for 2nd Grade Teachers.

Start off the New Year by applying some of these great strategies in your 2nd Grade classroom!

In the Second Grade, you now have emerging readers. You can most definitely see differences in students’ abilities to learn. This is the year where reading instruction becomes differentiated, and interventions for students who are falling behind become necessary. If you have good K and 1st Grade teachers in your building, you have a built-in team to help you set up your room for these disparities in learning abilities.

Here are some of the tips we’ve collected from other second grade teachers:

One of the best methods of classroom management for the whole year is the Reminder Binder method. Each child has his own Reminder Binder (three ring notebook works, or spiral notebook). The binder contains a calendar that becomes the mainstay of the organization for your classroom and keeps everyone on track. One emerging problem we have is with keeping the binders nice, they get torn and handled often. One solution to this is to start a new one for each grading period.

Students write homework and assignments in their Reminders every day in all of their classroom tips for 2nd grade
core subjects. All core teachers review this and once a week the Principal or team captain (depending on how big your school is) will check them. At home, parents are recruited to check the Reminders every evening. There are many different ways you can organize the Reminders depending on your priorities in your academic day. The best Reminders are loaded with bright cheerful stickers, you can buy them in rolls.

We use copious amounts of stickers in our binders that are colored coordinated to show what level of general behavior a child is displaying today (green for good, yellow for needs improvement, red for danger zone). These stickers can then be changed every day. Each person reviewing the binder has a supply of stickers and the power to upgrade or downgrade the student’s level.

These techniques give teachers the accountability they need without being heavy handed. Students can see at a glance where they are (and their neighbors) and develop “green pride” when their covers have green stickers every day. The behaviors can be for getting things in on time, good test scores, wonderful work in reading group today, whatever sections you want to create in the Reminders.

Here are some other great resources:

Add your tips and suggestions to our growing lists, teachers helping teachers is a great way to go. Check out the rest of our KISS Series here.

Neva FennoNeva Fenno, M.S.Ed., MLIS, has been a special education teacher, school library media specialist, curriculum specialist and grants manager for several urban school districts in New York and Massachusetts for 30 years. As grants manager for 7 years, she managed up to $28,000,000 a year in federal, state, foundation and corporate grants from application through fiscal administration. She has hundreds of stories to tell, not all successes, but from each story there is a lesson to be learned.


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