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Recreation & Fun Theme Planning

Whether you are planning one event, a summer of fun for campers, after school learning experiences, or resident activities - we are here to help you plan engaging and exciting, hands-on activities that align with your themes.  


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Planning an entire event or summer of fun after a long school year can be overwhelming - so we are here to help you.  We have worked with thousands of customers over the past 110 years, and we have great ideas to share about things that have worked in their programs.

So, whether you have chosen your themes already, are still looking for some themes to add, or are considering themes to base activities around for whatever you are planning - we can make it easier for you.

Choose the button below, answer the 5 question survey, and we will get back to you within the next few business days with ideas, activities and products to help make your planning efficient and a breeze!


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Check out the S&S blog for more themes & ideas!

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Considering using themes for your program or for an event, but are not sure yet?

 We've listed why themes can be a great tool for your planning!



Why Use a Theme for Your Event?

The key to successful events is audience participation and themes help to provide interest and engagement for those attending. The more involved and excited your guests are, the more likely they will be to remember the event. Planning can also be easier and more efficient when using a theme, creating an organized and coheasive vision for everyone involved. Everything from decor, games and food can be planned around the theme, making it exciting for attendees.



Why Use Themes for Summer Camp or After School Programs?

Summer camp and after school programs are competing with many other local organizations offering similar services. Your theme based activities, ideas, and learning experiences can be what sets you apart. This will also show parents that you have different and engaging activities planned for their children that will allow for exploration and fun. If you have more than one classroom or a very large group of children, this can also make planning lessons and field trips much easier for activity directors or staff. The best part?  The children in your program are going to love all of the new things they are learning about the themes you've chosen, sharing with their friends and family all about their new discoveries!  

View our 33-page Summer Camp Guide with theme ideas! >


Why use Themes in Your Senior Activity Program?

Themes have a way of being nostalgic and many of our customers that work with senior adults are challenged with ideas for memory care. Recreating activities, events, and memorable moments through themes can be a great way to get groups of residents engaged and interacting with one another. It can also give residents something to look forward to and discuss leading up to the day, week or event. Decorations, the smell of theme related foods, games, costumes, and activities will be sure to leave residents talking about your theme for weeks to family, friends and each other.