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Our Customers share with us the creative and inspiring ideas they are
implementing in their programs with S&S Products.
Want to share your ideas with us on activities and projects with our products?
Email us at [email protected]

november trends

Idea: Wheelchair Fitness

I have developed a fitness program for seniors in wheelchairs in  the nursing home where I work.  We use "Hoops to music" and develop routines to specific songs, and use bands to "stretch our fun-ction".


- Sharon




Idea: Girls 4 Truth

These will be used for our Girls 4 Truth program at our church. This is program that reveals God's truths to girls age 5-11. Crafts are part of the program and I wanted them to have some "nicer" types of projects to do than just homemade or paper crafts.


- Sue - Open Door Fellowship


Idea: Harvest Centerpieces

We will be making Harvest Baskets for the children's Thanksgiving tables.

- Deb   Expanded Learning Charleston County School District




Idea: Creating a Sense of Family in Senior

This robotic cat will be a 90th birthday present for my uncle.  He has dementia and most of the other sources of joy that brightened his life are no longer available to him but he still loves animals.  I got him a robotic puppy last May  and he loves it more than anything else.  It is his constant companion.  I feel that that was the kindest act I've done in a long time.  I hope this will give him a sense of family.


- Susan

Idea: Wedding Save the Dates

We are using these to make Save The Dates for our wedding

- Robin



Idea: Bracelets for Missions

I use the safari animal, jungle animal and sea life animal bead mixes for making bracelets for the missions department at my Church.  The bracelets have the letters JESUS on them and an animal. Every bracelet comes in different color coordinating with pony beads and faceted beads. These bracelets are taken by plane by our missionaries all over the world.  These bracelets bless people who are from other ministries, miracle crusades that we hold for the people of the countries we visit. Business owners, men women children of all kinds, even those who are less fortunate and  impoverished . Shining the gospel light of JESUS to th whole world. My plan is to have at least 4.000 to 5.000 bracelets by this coming March. 


- Jeremy/Grace Cathedral, Akron Ohio.

Idea: Fireplace for Christmas

I ordered the cardboard brick fireplace. I live in an apartment but still wanted to have a fireplace for my children's stockings to hang. I plan to reinforce it a little and secure it to the wall with Command Strips to keep it from tipping over. I am also going to go to The Dollar Tree and get a few flameless candles to put in the fireplace behind the "flames" for a fire effect. It may not be real, but my 6 yr old will love to have a "fireplace for Santa". Can't wait for it to get here!


- Launa



Idea: 4th of July Flag

My husband traditionally draws a flag on our driveway in chalk and this year didn’t have enough red, white, and blue from my kids’ stash. So, we are buying him his own buckets of just red, white, and blue for his use on 4th of July only.


- Cyndi

Idea: Fireplace for Christmas

I ordered the cardboard brick fireplace. I live in an apartment but still wanted to have a fireplace for my children's stockings to hang. I plan to reinforce it a little and secure it to the wall with Command Strips to keep it from tipping over. I am also going to go to The Dollar Tree and get a few flameless candles to put in the fireplace behind the "flames" for a fire effect. It may not be real, but my 6 yr old will love to have a "fireplace for Santa". Can't wait for it to get here!


- Launa



Idea: 4th of July Flag

My husband traditionally draws a flag on our driveway in chalk and this year didn’t have enough red, white, and blue from my kids’ stash. So, we are buying him his own buckets of just red, white, and blue for his use on 4th of July only.


- Cyndi


october customer chatter
Idea: Family Bingo Fun

My personal family parties. I think using this type of card is so much easier for my mom and my young grandkids and great nieces and nephews to play bingo with not having to worry about little chips or beans or whatever falling onto the floor or moving around on the board. I usually try to have a combined birthday Christmas party in early December and usually have 30-40 relatives over. This order will give each a chance to play two cards, if wanted. Also maybe family reunions or other family get togethers.


- Pam


Bingo Masterboard
Rating of 4.5
$23.61 $19.99


Idea: Dinovember

Making a lot of big dinosaur feet for kids during Dinovember!


- Le Sueur Public Library

Idea: Company Picnic Bubble Station

We are having a company picnic where employees can bring family. For the kids, we will have various stations, one will be a bubble station.


- Lisa/LSQ

Idea: Pumpkin Ball

I play a game called pumpkin ball. It is played with softball size foam balls and the students throw their ball at the pumpkin ball to try to get it across the other teams side. I play on the volleyball court. Kindergarten I use the volleyball court 10 ft. line as the line to throw from. Sometimes I will add a bigger heavy ball that I call the bomb ball so kids can get the beach ball moving easier.


- Pam/ Our Lady of the Greenwood School

Idea: School Store Items

We have a School store (PTA) that is open once a week (sometimes more during the holiday seasons). We retail items between $.25-$5.00 retail for 2nd and 3rd graders. This is a fundraiser for the PTA and our students have an opportunity to use their math skills when purchasing items in the store. This also allows every child to support our PTA with their "change"


- Pamela Davis/Highview Elementary PTA


Idea: Snow White Apple

Using them as party favors. Painting them red, slicing of part of the bottom and then coring them. Placing candies in the center. Putting a leaf on a toothpick and sticking in. Representing an apple for Snow White.


Idea: Water Color Lillies

I have done this before and love the results! I drop the diluted color on the diffusing paper and let it run, then separately I cut water lilies out of coffee filters and make lily pads with green dyed coffee filters, I then assemble the collage into a picture. I also make flowers with deep colors and solar system pictures. I sometimes add yarn, fibers, gold paint, etc.


- Audi



Idea: Sensory Art Experiences

I am an art therapist and I ordered these items to use with clients who are limited due to physical disabilities. I am planning on using all of the items to create a sensory space which is helpful for my clients with both physical disabilities and also those who have experienced trauma.


- Stephanie/Stephanie Saklad, Creative Arts therapist, PLLC


september trending products

Idea: Poly Hockey Season

We work with Special Olympics athletes and the pucks are for our Poly Hockey season.


- Mark / Special Olympics Michigan



Idea: Library Fundraising Auction

My coworker and I are donating an indigo dye party to our library’s fundraising auction, and needed some things to dye. We were happy to find your scarves and bandannas at a reasonable price.


- Elizabeth / Everett public library




Idea: Youth Group Lesson

I am using the scratch art circles & shapes to teach 2 Corinthians 5 to my Youth Group kids, ages 10 - 18. The lesson is based on becoming a 'new creation' in Christ. My teenagers loved it!


- Helmi/First Presbyterian Church



Idea: Character Building

I plan on using your products to reinforce students who demonstrate the character traits defined on your bracelets for 40 weeks at 80% or higher. Nothing is more powerful than a real, tactile, reward you can hold and display to make you proud of your accomplishments!


- Kathleen/ Berney Elementary School



Idea: Creativng a Safe & Happy Place

I’m a NJ registered play therapist and prof counselor. I work with traumatized children. I will use the items to help children feel safe putting bubbles, mini flash light, feathers, bandaids and other things in their emergency bag. The children will color their safe happy place on their pillow case to build positive images to reduce anxiety and each child will draw and color safe people places and things on the quilt squares.


-  Linda


Color-Me™ Quilt
Rating of 5.0
$36.82 $31.39
August customer cart talk
Idea: Scooter Wheel Upgrade

I bought these replacement wheels for my 16 inch scooters. The summer program used the original plastic wheels outside, which beat them up pretty badly. These wheels are perfect. Easy to replace, just pop off the old and install the new. The students glide effortlessly across the gym floor.


- Jenni Peters


Idea: Tennis Racquet Bouquets

I am going to spray paint the racquets in our school colors then have the local flower shop make flower arrangements on them to give to our senior girls tennis players on senior night.


- Gina



Idea: Action Art Event

The paint will be used for an upcoming "action art" program where we will be painting outdoors with unconventional "brushes". The paint and clay finger printers caught my eye and I immediately thought of a few things we can do with them. Firstly they will be used at the action art program, we also want to do programs with various types of playdoughs s they will be coming out them. I also thought of using the printers to make BINGO and matching games, they may also find their way into the touch box we use for senses science programs.


- Julie/ Thomas Crane Public Library




july customer chatter
Idea: Around the World & Teaching Diversity through Puzzles

I will use the “Children Around the World” floor puzzles to sensitize children to the diversity among the world's children. I then will encourage children to virtually travel to places on and beyond the Earth. And finally, I will have children cooperatively explore world and solar system map floor puzzles and to align their discoveries with non fiction literature and crossword puzzles about maps.




- Charles



Idea: Creative Mosaic Tables

I'm working on 4 patio tables. One is a bistro type table and I did it in broken china. One I'm doing with a log cabin pattern. One will be a tree of life. The other I haven't decided. Love your tiles. They are reasonably priced and shipped promptly.


- Debra



Idea: Totally Gross Science

The first week of camp is themed "Totally Gross Science." We will be using the pom-poms and wiggly eyes to make fuzzy little germ models. The empty squeeze bottles we will be using to make bird poop paintings!


- Danielle / Middletown Recreation



Idea: Axe Throwing Game

We run an Axe throwing venue Bury The Hatchet we use the minature version of Chutes and ladders as a game with the Axe throwing. For our company picnic at the venue we will play the large version as an axe throwing game for adutls.

- Bury the Hatchet




Idea: Flexible Classroom Seating

My daughter teaches 4th grade and plans to use them in her classroom. She will allow a few kids to choose to sit on the floor to do their schoolwork and use these as little desks.


- Vicki



Idea: Games for All

I am planning a workshop for librarians about using games in intergenerational programming. The games I ordered are great examples of the kinds of games all ages can play together.


- Denise / Central Plains Library System



Idea: Color Coded Recess

We plan on using the equipment for our classrooms. Students will use them for recess. We've ordered them in the past and students love the different colors so we can have each classroom have one color.

- Ontario Christian Schools




Idea: Learn How to Draw Animals

Author/Illustrator will be using this paper and showing 50-60 Summer Camp kids ages 5-12 how to draw wildlife and then using markers color them in.


- Angela / Elizabethtown Library


Idea: Skill Development for Special Needs

All of the items ordered will be used with my special needs students. The balls will be used to reinforce balance skills. The bowling increases flexibility and accuracy


- Beverly


Bowling Game
Rating of 5.0
$225.74 $189.99


Idea: Rosarie Beads

We are going to attempting to make Rosaries for missionaries. The color changing lamp is for a sensory room.


- Michele



Idea: Dream Catchers

I will use my metal rings to make dream catchers.


- SkyAnne / Prairie Willow





Idea: Therapy for Stroke

I am using the balls for my occupational therapy To recover from a stroke I. Which I lost use of my left hand


- Sandra


june customer chatter


Idea: Golden Whistle

I work at a specialized youth camp, and I will spray paint these Gold, and give them to the campers who are chosen to be on my staff as a "Thank You" for being my helpers at the end of the sessions.

- Sgt. Pepper




Idea: Typing Tiles 

Yes making a computer keyboard in my class to show students hand placement when typing. Wanted color coded keys


- Donna

Idea: 90's Party Theme

I ordered fanny packs and sun visors for my granddaughter’s “90’s Theme” 13th birthday party. I received them in less than a week and they are just what she wanted.


- Susan


Idea: School Spirit Flags

The students use the white flags to create spirit banners for the Lower School Spirit Night (home varsity football game -- we are a K-12 school.)

- Lauren/American Heritage School




Idea: VBS Noah's Ark 

V B S program. Our lesson is on Noah's Ark.


- Piney Grove United Baptist Church


Idea: 21st Century STEM

We have a 21st Century Program at our school for grades 1&2 and providing STEM activities is a priority. These science activities will enhance lessons


- Lenore/Farm Hill Elementary



Idea: "Build a Better World"

We are using the birdhouses for our summer reading program. This years theme is "Build A Better World". We want to show the kids that building a better world means: a better world for all, even birds.

- Boulder Community Library




Idea: Bubble Station 

I will have a bubble station at a children's outdoor event June 10 to support a proposed park in our area! Hope the wands make it here by Friday June 9!


- Nancy/South Wake Park Project


may customer chatter
Idea: Summer Reading Geodes

We plan to use these geodes for our summer reading program welcome. We will talk about the state rock of Iowa and send each child home with a geode to crack and keep the fun going at home.

- Iowa Summer Program




Idea: Sunday Afternoon Memory Care 

The Rememory game will be used to help with our Life Stories we do on Sunday Afternoon with our Residents


- Rhonda/ Holiday Retirement


Idea: 4th of July Party 

These are going to be used at a Senior Retirement Center during a 4th of July Party. We are thinking that we will have a contest to see who can ply their plane the furthest from a set point. Of course prizes will have to be paid to the winners!!.





Idea: Garden Markers

I plan to use them as garden markers. Excited to give them a try.


- Mary


Idea: History Camp

We have a history camp for kids in the summer and plan to use these sunprints as part of our study of the history of photography.

- Lorain County Historical Society




Idea: Wiggly Balancing 

The balance boards will be used in our Extended Day Care Program by wiggly, giggly elementary kids!


- Suzanne/Cornerstone Christian School



Idea: Popcorn Poppin'

We are using it as a game for a school carnival. We've built a 24 inch tall popcorn box that swivels and wobbles on a spring. Kids have to toss the popcorn balls into the box without making it tip over, spilling all of the popcorn balls out!

- Barrels of Fun Amusements




Idea: Fishin' for Safety

We ordered safety cones to use at our Cub Scout Day Camp. We are hoping they will remind the children which area of the lake they can fish in.


- Boy Scouts of America


Idea: Mini Golf Course

We are using the golf accessories for setting up our own mini golf course - either in our open area in our building or in a park. We have painted the wooden lath's different colors - so that we know which sticks belong with each hole and the obstacles we have for that hole.


- Simple Life, Inc.



Idea: Hat Designing

I am the activity director at work an plan on having a number of seniors working in a group gathering to be creative in designing there own hats as they like. There is a group with about 10 people that enjoy creating an doing different crafts together. So now we will see just how much they enjoy this one with the hats an small vases.


- Kathleen (Ketchikan Rendezvous Day Center)





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