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Why Right After School Curriculum is Right for You!


           • GREAT for KIDS! Meaningful enriched learning disguised as hands-on FUN to engage kids every day. 

           • EASY TO IMPLEMENT with follow-along instructions and full scripts to set staff and students up for success.

           • DEVELOPED by EDUCATIONAL EXPERTS. Content supports cross-curricular standards in STEM,
              literacy, social studies, social-emotional learning, fine arts, and fitness.

           • TESTED and APPROVED by after school staff and students, making activities inclusive and FUN for K-6th                       graders.

           • Designed for schools and non-profits serving K-6th graders


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Right After School can make an impact in your after school program!

Ras inventors worshopWith engaging activities, fully scripted lessons, and quick order supplies, you can easily and confidently deliver meaningful learning experiences kids will love! Every two weeks, introduce a new theme to students and their families as you prepare for hands-on fun!

You will take students on a journey through critical thinking, teamwork, and child-inspired projects, while promoting self-awareness, identity development, leadership skills, and a joy for learning that will last a lifetime. Through Right After School's multi-sensory, multi-intelligence activities, students will engage with math and science, reading and writing, nature and outdoor learning, creative arts, composition and design, history, commerce, fitness, active play, community service, and global diversity. 

We believe in this curriculum. At S&S, we couldn't be more excited to support the Right After School curriculum. Many of the after school providers we work with every day are challenged with meeting competing programming priorities, from community-building, literacy, and STEM to social-emotional learning, fitness, and fine arts. Program directors need simple but high quality solutions for implementing these topics so their staff can execute them successfully. 

after school curriculum What can I expect from Right After School?

     • Comprehensive 18-week binder with bi-weekly themes and valuable
        takeaways for students

     • Diverse daily activities with step-by-step instruction

     • Easy supply ordering by curricular theme to prepare quickly and easily
       for upcoming activities

     • Meaningful learning experiences for staff, students, and their families 


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after school theme global games olympics
Global Games

Students will become acquainted with the everyday sports and recreational games of their global peers, while pushing their own physical limitations, gaining self-confidence, and working together toward common goals.


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olympic games after school theme

after school theme global games olympics
The Great Outdoors

Mother Nature provides both our classroom  and playground! Science experiments, games, and art projects are all more fun outdoors as students will discover in this action-packed unit.


Shop Supplies Needed for Activities

  great outdoors after school theme


after school theme global games olympics

Toy Makers

Everyone loves toys! But how are some of our favorite toys made? Students will find out in this hands-on unit as they build some classic toys and even design their own creations as Toy Makers.


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toy makers after school theme


after school theme global games olympics

Inventors' Workshop

Students will journey through the creative process, just like inventors Bell, da Vinci, and Kwolek before them. They'll learn how these legendary thinkers turned ideas into reality while trying their hand at their own inventions.


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inventors workshop after school theme


after school theme global games olympics

Unusual Art

Everyone knows you can use pencils, paint, and clay to make art, but what about recyclables, found objects, or even food? In this unit, students will explore surprising and innovative media artists use while bringing their own creative visions to life.


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unusual art after school theme

after school theme global games olympics


Vikings, Sailors & Pirates

Ahoy Mateys! Students will step aboard the ships of Pirates, Vikings and other explorers who traversed the high seas in this exciting unit of history and adventure.

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vikings and sailors school theme

after school theme global games olympics


Career Quest

Students will be introduced to professions that are pushing the boundaries of what we know about ourselves and the world around us in order to advance society. They'll envision their own futures in careers yet imagined for a world yet to exist.

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career quest after school theme

after school theme global games olympics
A Galxay Far, Far Away

Get ready to blast off in to cosmos, as students consider what lies beyond the stars. They'll see how the imagination of science fiction writers paved the way for true scientific breakthroughs and use their own creativity to ponder what's out there.


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galaxy space theme after school

after school theme global games olympics
Twisted Tales

It's time to put a wild new spin on  some old classic stories. Through a series of funny, creative activities, including stories in reverse and hilarious fairy tale mash-ups, students will discover what makes a story worth sharing.


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Twisted Tales Theme after school