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Sports & PE Activity Guides
Free games, lessons & activities that make it FUN to be FIT from our partners, PE Central and Guy Bailey, M.Ed. Physical Education



Active Gaming: 
Emotion Discovery with DDR 
Feel the Beat with Active Gaming 
Maintaining Target Heart Rates Using DDR 
Rhythmic Dance - Learning a 4 Count Beat with DDR 


Archery 9-Ball 
Archery Baseball 
Archery Plinko 


Badminton 4-Square 
Badminton Assessment Sheet 
Badminton Golf 
Badminton Partner Singles 
Runaround Badminton 


Basketball Golf 
Basketball Mania 
Bottle Cap Basketball 
Card Sharks Basketball Passing 
Hot Potato Tag 
Lincoln Avenue Basketball 

Field Day Themes: 

"Where The Wild Things Are" Field Day 
Around the World - The Seven Continents 
Dr. Seuss Field Day 
Famous Faces Field Day 
Fifty States Field Day 
Fun in the Sun 
Harry Potter Field Day 
Healthful Living Field Day 
Healthy Field Day 
Hillsboro's Happy Trails 
Mark Twain Olympics 
Medieval Games 
Movie Mania 
Olympic Field Day 
Passport to America 
Passport to the World Field Day 
Pirate P.E. Field Day 
Sports and Fitness Festival 
Survivor Island Field Day 
The Joy of Community 
Winter Wonderland 


3 Position Pass Patterns 
Football Bingo 
Highlight Video Assessment 
Pass for Points 
Tiger Pull Flag Football Lead-Up Game 
Xtreme Football 
Football Catching Peer Assessment Checklist 
Football Downs 
Football Frenzy 
Football Mania 
Football Passing Peer Assessment 
Football Passing Self Check Assessment 
Football Throw and Catch Assessment 
Football Throwing Assessment: Right/Left Hand Grip 
Football Throwing Peer Assessment Checklist 


Hockey Bowl 
Hockey Dribbling 
Hockey Grip 
Hockey Highway 
Hockey Hoop Dribble 
Hockey Push Pass 
Hockey Scramble 
Hockey Shoot-a-Rama 
Hockey Skills 
Hockey Skills Self Reflection 

Jumping and Hoops: 

Hoop Fun 
Hoop Jump 
Hoop Jumper 
Hot Hoops 
Hula Hoop Car Road Trip 
Hula Hoop Together 
Hula Hoop Twister 
Jack Be Nimble Jumping 
Jump Jump Jump 
Jump Rope Assessment 
Jump Rope Exploration 
Jump Rope Tag 
Jump Rope Around the World (Target Heart Rate) 

Playground Games: 

Bean Bag Freeze 
Bean Bag Surprise 
Beanbag Switch 
Beanbag Robbery 
Four Square 
Frisbee Golf 
Foot Golf 
Food Pyramid Race 
Mountain Rescue 
Mountain RopeTraversing 
Pony Express 
Roll the Dice 
Steal the Beans 
5 Best Playground Games eBook 

Scooter Activities: 

Scooter Aerobic Partners 
Scooter Swimmers 
Scooter Skeletons 


Obstacle Soccer 
Shadow Dribble Tag 
Ultimate Sponge Ball 
Pin Soccer 
Rules of Soccer 
Small/Large Sided Games Assessment 
Small-sided Soccer Skill Baseball 
Soccer shooting skills 
Soccer Skill Assessment 
Soccer Skills and Technology 
Soccer Skills Online Quiz Assessment 
Soccer Tennis 
Switch Soccer 
World Cup Soccer Tournament 

Throwing and Catching 

Frisbee Horseshoes 
Frisbee Throw and Catch 
Frisbee Throwing 
Disc Golf - Scoring 
Disc/Frisbee H-O-R-S-E 
Flying Disc Horseshoes 
Frisbee Keep-Away 
Frisbee Throwing Assessment 
Frisbee Tic Tac Toe 
Spin Jammer Frisbee Routine 
Target Practice 
TGFU Grid Ultimate Frisbee/Sports Reporter Podcast 
Ultimate Frisbee Hoops 

Books by Guy Bailey: 

The Physical Educator's Big Book of Sport Lead-Up Games 
Recess Success 
Gym Scooters Fun & Games