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Split Team Mug Collaborative Activity

Specially designed mug comes in two halves, each with its own handle. Work together to keep the liquid inside the mug or even use ping pong balls. Specially designed mug comes in two halves, each with its own handle.Have pairs dip the mug into a large bucket and race to pour it into another bucket. A perfect new field day activity.Mug is approx. 4.7”W x over 8”H. Includes 2 mug halves to make up one mug.

List Price: $12.99 
Available Mid February



Team Mug Collaborative Activity


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Hoop Clips Assortment Pack (Pack of 19)

Get more out of your hoops than ever before with this pack of 19 assorted snap-on hoop clips that includes 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way clips, all made from durable ABS plastic. Perfect for Hula huts, Rocks, Paper, Scissors Hoop Showdown and Four Square Hoop Games! Use the 3-way and 4-way clips to create vertical structures and obstacles to walk or run through. Clips work with any hoop (including competitors) with a cross sectional diameter of 0.85”, like our No-Knott Hoops and Super Hoops. 

List Price: $8.99 (Pack of 19)



hoop clips pack


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Jumbo Jacks
(Set of 10)

ack up the fun with this set of 10 huge 8-3/8” jacks! The lightweight, but durable jacks are made of hollow high-density polyethylene plastic. Add your own 2” to 6” ball to play traditional jacks games, use as relay batons in shuttle races, create your own activities, or check out our online activity guide. Either way, enormous, calorie burning fun is soon to follow! Our innovatively designed jacks come in 3 sections that quickly screw together.

List Price: $32.99 (Set of 10)
Available Mid February



jumbo jacks


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Jumbo Foam Memory Game 

New and fun design for the classic memory maze game using EVA foam tiles to create an 8’ x 8’ grid pattern. Each tile is 12” and has a removable 10” square center. Play along with the classic memory maze, by removing a pattern of tiles across the grid and adding a blindfold, players can try out the memory maze without the use of their eyes! Use all or some of the tiles to create beanbag toss targets, tic-tac-toe toss targets, or be creative and come up with your own games. Includes 64 colorful EVA foam tiles that are approx. Recommended primarily for indoor use.

Price: $79.99 



Active Play Memory Game


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Team Toss Two Person Beanbags (Set of 2)

Our set of two giant 10” x 10” beanbags weighs approx. 3 lbs. each and come with 2 looped handles. Players must work as a team in distance or accuracy throwing contest. A great addition to any team building unit, field day plans, or to create an oversized team corn hole toss game! Incorporate into a STEM or physics lesson and have players learn the optimum launch angle for maximum distance. Includes 1 red and 1 green, 2-person beanbags, and activity guide.

List Price: $14.99 (Set of 2)
Available Mid February



two person bean bag toss


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Soccer Billiard Balls  
Soccer billiards is a popular new way to play pool using soccer balls. Play just like pool, except use your feet instead of a cue stick! Just build your own table and you’re ready to play. Our set of 16 balls includes 15 soccer balls with standard billiard ball graphics, plus one all-white soccer “cue” ball. All balls are standard size 3 soccer balls, about 7.1” in diameter and 0.7 lbs. each. These machine-sewn balls have a foamed backed PVC cover, with a 2-ply backing for shape retention and a butyl bladder for air retention.

List Price: $179.99 



Soccer Billiards


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Scoop Stacking Challenge 

Everyone loves ice cream and your group will love seeing how many scoops they can stack on their cone! Includes 3 foamed rubber cones, 6 vanilla, 6 strawberry and 6 chocolate scoops (guaranteed not to melt!). The activity guide has ideas for relay races, stacking challenges, and other fun calorie-burning activities.

Price: $49.99 

scoop stacking challenge



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Limited Space Easy Pack

Are you trying get students moving in a tight space and wind up just banging your head against a wall? Getting your group moving and having fun in tight spaces is no problem with the easy pack. This pack includes equipment selected by and a 91-page, colored activity guide written by Charles Silberman, the instructor one of PE Central's popular professional development courses: "Teaching PE in Limited Space: Making High Quality PE Possible in Tight Spaces". The activities in the guide are suitable for physical education programs that have reduced teaching spaces such as classrooms, hallways, half gyms, portables, classroom activity breaks, after school programs, and any student activity-based program operating in small spaces.
Price: $387.77  Sale: $329.99


limited space in pe



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Ringer Soccer Ball
This official size and weight soccer ball has 2 large bells inside it that “ring” when the ball is in motion. The ball features a fabric backed shiny PVC cover stitched over a rubber bladder. Great for soccer, kickball, or in a variety of other activities. This audible soccer ball is fun for all players, including the blind and sight impaired. Size 4 balls are usually used by ages 8 to 12. Size 5 balls are usually used by ages 12 and up.

List Price: $15.99 



adapted PE soccer ball


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Junior Cornhole Toss (Pack of 12)

Designed for younger players that’s perfect for indoor and tight spaces. The game is made from durable, yet lightweight MDF wood with a printed surface. Each set includes 6 bean bags and 2 targets for 2 or 4 person games. The boards conveniently Velcro® together to hold all of the bags and include carrying handles. 

List Price: $47.99 



junior corn hole set

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Inflatable GaGa Pit

Your group will go ga ga over this new game. Gaga ball is an exciting new game that will have even the most exercise-averse kids wanting to play! The game is played somewhat like a friendlier version of dodgeball where kids get inside a “pit” and try to eliminate their opponents by slapping a ball into them below their knees. Most pits are either permanent or take forever to set-up. Our portable pit can be set-up quickly and just about anywhere. 

List Price: $1249.99 



inflatable gagapit


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Spikeball Rookie Set  
Designed for PE teachers and their students, the Rookie Set is perfect for younger and novice players. The game features a 45" play net versus the standard 36", plus a 6-1/2" diameter ball versus a standard 3-1/2". The result is a game that is easy to learn to play and easy to keep the ball in play. Longer points = more fun! The legs have been redesigned to be collapsible and more resistant to accidental contact. Includes target, ball, carry bag and rulebook with 4 alterative games.

List Price: $82.24  Sale: $69.99



spikeball rookie or beginner set


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