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National Accounts Division


National Accounts Team

The National Accounts team takes Making it Easy to a new level. Our program efficiency experts take care

of all the hard stuff for you: comprehensive account management, product sourcing and personalized

pricing. They're partners, consultants and a point of contact, completely committed to creating a
streamlined program just for you!


 •  We are product experts, consultants, advisors and support for your organization. Think of S&S Worldwide's

     National Accounts Division as your eyes and ears in the marketplace.


•  We find customer-focused solutions to the most challenging requests. Our clients are large national multi-site

    professionals who require corporate and site-level interaction – professional support with a personal touch. The

    people we serve include early childhood care chains, franchise groups, educational management organizations and

    charter schools, as well as large multi-site after-school and in-school programs..


•  Our passions are your passions: honesty, trust, a drive for excellence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a love of

    innovation and learning. Our goal is a team approach to creating a sustainable competitive advantage for our

    customers. Our team works together to thoroughly manage every account, aggressively pursuing products and

    budget-minded pricing.


•  Full support of our Executive Team: National Account customers are S&S's highest priority. We have the green light

    to do whatever it takes to make you happy. 


"We don’t just sell - We listen and understand what the customer needs and wants. We make recommendations and offer solutions. We get answers and will utilize all of our resources to make our customers happy. In other words, we make it easy!”   - Audrey Bis


Audrey Bis
VP National Accounts Division

Audrey has been with S&S Worldwide for over 16 years, working in Distribution and Logistics, Merchandising and Business Process. She has more than 20 years career experience in Distribution and Logistics Management. 


Tel: 800-243-9232 X2149
Email: [email protected]

Christopher Mada

Christopher (Chris) Mada has been with S&S Worldwide since 2007. He manages the larger Child Care chains. His responsibilities include pricing, product sourcing, and new project initiatives. Chris brings over 28 years of sales and account management experience to the team.


Tel: 800-243-9232 X2212
Email: [email protected]

Douglas Hall

Douglas(Doug) Hall has been with S&S Worldwide for over two years. His responsibilities include the maintenance and growth of existing business, as well as the business relationships in Charter School Markets, and Day Care Chains. Doug is also one of the main contacts who handles much of the Domestic Wholesale and Distributor opportunities.


Tel: 800-243-9232 X2924
Email: [email protected]

Carmelo Mangiafico

Carmelo Mangiafico been with S&S Worldwide for over two years. His primary focus is pursuing opportunities in new markets. His background includes sales & marketing, coupled with a strength in developing distributor relationships. Carmelo also has experience in the domestic & worldwide market, and is one of the main contacts who handles our International business opportunities.


Tel: 800-243-9232 X2925
Email: [email protected]


Christina Taranto

Christina Taranto has been with S&S for over 18 years. A few of her responsibilities include; managing the set-up of customer accounts, working with customer specific products, pricing programs, facilitating orders, and special reporting. Her favorite part of the job is knowing that each customer she helps, is in turn helping & teaching others 


Tel: 800-243-9232 X2273
Email: [email protected]

Kaitlin Kozyra

Kaitlin Kozyra has been with S&S Worldwide since 2014, and a part of the National Accounts Division since 2015. She is responsible for the growth, maintenance, and onboarding of Marketplace Customers, as well as research into new business initiatives.


Tel: 800-243-9232 X2135
Email: [email protected]