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Top 10 Field Day Products

Plan your school Field Day event with some of our favorite products!
Students can have fun while learning skills like balance, coordination and teamwork.
1. Split Team Mug
This specially designed mug comes in two halves, each with its own handle. Students can Work together to keep the liquid inside the mug or even use ping pong balls. Have pairs dip the mug into a large bucket and race to pour it into another bucket. A perfect new field day activity.
Split Team Mug
2. Team Toss Beanbags

Our set of two large beanbags weigh approx. 3 lbs. each and come with 2 looped handles. Players must work as a team in distance or accuracy throwing contest. A great addition to any team building unit, field day plans, or to create an oversized team corn hole toss game! Incorporate into a STEM or physics lesson and have players learn the optimum launch angle for maximum distance.

3. Team Pull Harness

A great team building activity for Field Day! A team of up to 6 players will pull their teammate around an obstacle or a certain distance to a finish line. Use a Boogie board for students to sit on, or for indoor use they can stand on felt floor guide spots.

4. Scoop Stacking Challenge

Your group will love seeing how many scoops they can stack on their cone with this ice cream challenge! Includes 3 foamed rubber cones, 6 vanilla, 6 strawberry and 6 chocolate scoops. The activity guide has ideas for relay races, stacking challenges, and other fun Field Day activities

5. Toss Four Game Target and Balls

Hang this target outside for Field Day and have students practive their tossing and teamwork skills! This is a fun alternative to the favorite 4 in a row game. You can use it as a throwing game or have kids race to see who can get the most balls stuck on the target in a given time. 

6. Patriotic Parachute

Field Day is not complete without a parachute activity! This new patriotic design is vibrant and themed for upcoming holidays. It is 12 feet in diameter and made with durable polyester fabric and is stitched around the entire perimeter for added strength. There are 12 handles.

7. Team Run Mat
This is definitely a PE teacher favorite for Field Day. Students will learn cooperative movement and teamwork as they work together to move as a unit. They are 30 inches wide and fit 3-4 kids. Includes two mats, one 
with orange on the outside and one with blue on the outside. Made from tough woven polyester fabric.
Team Run Mat
8. The Hole Game

In this fun new team building group activity, teams of 2 to 4 players race around to pick up balls with fabric sheets that have a hole in them. Teams can decide to capture one ball at a time or attempt to capture multiple balls! The fabric panels work great on any ball less than 3” in diameter, like tennis balls or Ball Pit Balls.

9. Belly Bumpers™
We've gotten some great feedback that students love these bumpers! You can use them for fun as bumpers, or challenge kids to run through an obstacle course. They can't fall or they have to start again, and so does their teammate!
10. Field Day Bracelets

Use this pack of silicone bracelets to define teams by color, or just to reward your participants for a successful Field Day event!