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Our Customers share with us the creative and inspiring ideas they are
implementing in their programs with S&S Products.


January Customer Reviews



Idea: Indoor Soccer

Using for an indoor soccer unit with grades 3-8 in our gym. We were able to run a 3v3 tournament using these balls. The ball lasted much longer than the Poof brand.

- Pat B





Idea: High School Carnival

For the fish pond at our high school carnival


- Karen


Idea: A Better Experience for Senior Residents

The machine and the cards are used to help our residents enjoy a more rounded experience when they gather for there recreational time with others. Our facility is older, the residents match the facility and our goal is to bring a smile to there faces. It is hard when you are older to shuffle a deck of cards, the machine will make it better as the equipment will help and replace the hands. The cards also help as they are designed to show a broader range of size to the person holding the cards. I fully expect a better experience for our residents through the use of technology and card display. As we are a poor group, any kindnesses from your organization to try out are truly appreciated as we do not have large balances as we are State run and limited on funding. So any philanthropy on your end is always appreciated. Thank you.

- Alma










Idea: Sensory for Mental Health

I'm a mental health therapist and I'll be using the clear glue in a couple of ways. One way we use it is to make sensory bottles. The kids put glitter, confetti, beads, various other items in a clear shatter-proof bottle, add clear glue, and then add distilled water to make a calming tool. The glue allows the items to move slower in the bottle. We also use the clear and white glue to make non-toxic SLIME!! There are various recipes on YouTube, but my favorite is "fluffy" slime which includes clear glue, saline solution, food coloring, and shaving cream. Make sure to keep your slime in a plastic bag when its not in use for several days worth of play!

- Katrina Shain, LCPC -Moultrie County Counseling Center, Champaign Counseling, LLC





Idea: Sensory Construction Site

I am making an indoor construction site for my son with the kinetic sand. I got a shallow rubber made container with a lid to put the sand in, some small rocks, and mini construction trucks. The container easily slides under his train table so it is easy to store


- Amy


Idea: Drama Camp at Church

I teach a drama camp at church. This year our theme is called Mr. Potato Head Teaches the Bible


- Grace United Methodist Church





Idea: Play Therapy

I will be using the products I purchased today in Play Therapy with my clients ages 3 to begin to help children feel safe, help them express feelings, teach coping skills, and to instil hope again. Children will draw a safe place on the pillow cases. The children will draw a safe and happy place on the pin wheels and later use the pinwheel for breathing and calming down when anxious. The timer is to help parents and kids to take “time outs” when anxious. The bubbles also teach children to breathe and calm down. All of the products will help children reduce anxiety PTSD symptoms. I am a NJ Registered Play Therapist with a private practice. I also work for a company to provide trauma focused Play therapy to children.


- Linda/ The Full Circle Mediation and Counseling Center




December Customer Chatter


Idea: Tic Tac Toe Relay

We will play Tic Tac Toe relay which I found on your site. (Tic Tac Toe Relay)

- Chris / After School Club









Idea: Event Volunteers

Our organization has a fall harvest festival, Zombie Run, Jingle Bell Hayride, Easter Egg Hunt. We use the wrist bands when participants check-in so we know who has paid. We also use them to identify volunteers.

- Friends of Kinder Farm Park





Idea: Roll The Dice

We got these inflatable dice to use for youth events at our church. In particular, first to use at a gift exchange and later for game times or perhaps VBS fun.


- Canne/Pleasant Valley Baptist Church


Idea: Waiting Room Fun

We will put thse items in our waiting room.

- The Speech and Learning Center








Idea: Relaxation Class

I teach an art therapy for relaxation class for seniors and we will be using these items for upcoming programs and more.


- Aicha / Needham COA





Idea: Therapy Chair

My daughter is special needs. They have these chairs at her outpatient PT. We are using them at home. I got two because she has siblings and I can use it as a table.

- Julie/ Special Needs Mom





Idea: Tea Tray Gifts

Yes! I plan to paint and/or stain each tray in various colors/designs and decoupage the bottom of the tray with different designs. Each tray is for a different female family member (Mom, mother-in-law, sister and sisters-in-law). I’m making them each a tea tray “station” so they’ll get a decorative tray to hold the other little goodies I’m purchasing.


- Jacquelyn/family gift project


Idea: Mardi Gra Mask Making

I will be hosting a Mardi Gras mask Making event for our seniors in January. The wooden mask blanks are easy to hold and paint. We will then embellish them the crystal jewels to give them some sparkle. They will be used in our hall parade, and for table centerpieces as decor for our King's Cake celebration on Mardi Gras to determine our 2018 King & Queen.


- Tracey Carriage Inn Huntsville





november customer chatter

Idea: Maker Madness

We are buying a bunch of resources and supplies for our new library makerspace. Presently we host "maker madness" activities during recess periods. We also hope to have more dedicated maker stations in place all of the time.


- Robin Robarge - Corning Painted Post School District


Idea: ID Pinnies

We are taking a teen group skiing and making them wear pinnies over their jackets so we can find them easily on the mountain and in the lodge.

- Sue / Orange Park and Recreation





Idea: Inclusive Table

This table will hold an electronic magnification device consisting of an overhead camera and a 27 inch display. It is a device to assist people with very poor vision when reading, writing, doing crafts and other things where a magnified image is helpful. Because the table works well with recliner chairs, the user will be able to sit comfortably while using the device.


- David

Idea: Model Airplanes

I build WW1 German and British War Planes out of ordinary materials found around the house. Mostly cardboard. Wish I could send you some pictures you would be amazed.


- backglassreprints


Idea: Learning ABCs

My granddaughter is 5 years old and learning her letters and numbers in Kindergarten. We plan to use these Bingo games and Sight Word games to help her in a fun way.


- Karen


Idea: Employee Gifts

These were great and the employees loved them as their holiday gifts.

- Beth





Idea: Locomotor Skills

I teach Elementary Adapted P.E. so I will use my buckets for color sorting locomotor games (i.e.: put the red beanbag into the red bucket). We will also use them for bucket stacking building large towers and using them as throwing targets.


- Julie, CUSD 303

october customer chatter

Idea: Velcro Sling Shot

We are using the slingshots to sling Velcro balls toward a giant inflatable target with Velcro. It’s for an adult corporate party for our color wars.

- Susan





Idea: Family Fun Night

For our arts and crafts family fun night.


- Wendy/Petersburg Elementary School







Idea: Teaching Tool

Teacher works with small groups at different locations and this portable whiteboard is ideal for her to move from place to place.

- Kathy/CRPUSD





Idea: Perfect Storage

These boxes are great to store Federal Tax Returns for our Company. Also have used them to store and organize Sunday School lessons and materials for children. They are compact and stack easily. I like these boxes because the top can be removed, it makes it easy to locate files, remove and replace.




Idea: Creating a Healthy Environment

The classroom management pocket chart will be used to store students medications in nurse's office. The aromatherapy diffuser will be used to help with aromatherapy for staff lounge and help decrease stress. The bumpy pyramid ball will be used to help students calm down during anxiety episodes.


- Maria/LCPS


Idea: Napkin Holders

I make napkin holders with the clear plastic canvas and the colored ones I use to line these napkin holders. They are beautiful. I cannot make them fast enough for the people. I have no organization just me having fun with the plastic canvas.







Idea: Christmas Napkin Rings

I plan to size them to use as Christmas napkin rings.


- Barbara/ Cub Scout Pack







septmeber customer chatter

Idea: Hocker with Gator Skin Balls

We use the Gator Skin balls in a game called Hocker. It is a combination of handball and soccer. The game is very fast paced which causes a lot of ware and tear on the ball. We have tried dozens of different types of balls over the years. The Gator Skin ball is the only one that holds up!

- Bruce - Pilgrim HS Warwick RI





Idea: Inpatient Activities

Hi, I have ordered these products for an acute inpatient psychiatric unit. Coloring is a relaxing, safe, and quiet activity that clients can engage in during "down time" on the unit. Most of the clients prefer the velvet art designs. They like the feeling of the fuzzy velvet texture as they color and they also like the fact that most of the designs are not overly detailed. We have had a number of clients who have recently requested to hold more Bingo groups and I ordered the emoji cards to give out as prizes.


- Elizabeth/Lahey Health, Beverly Hospital, Leland Unit


Idea: Old Western BBQ to Celebrate

We are having an Open House with an old west theme and BBQ to celebrate both Grandparents Day and Assisted Living Week. We want to honor our families and the elder members of those families who contribute so much to our lives.


- Paula Burklin LLD/ Skyline Place


Idea: Infant Motor Skills

I am the full time day nanny to a growing infant. I plan on using these cube chair to encourage him to explore and to facilitate his gross motor development.

- Nanny C




Red Chair<sup>3®</sup>, Red
As Low as $80.29


Idea: Sports Keychains

The sport beads we are making keychains with them for their backpack during Sport Week.


- SACC (School age child care)


august customer chatter

Idea: Memorial 5K Run

Memorial 5K Run to honor 12 yr old who lost her battle with cancer. Need purple basketballs ... purple was her favorite color ... purple is the color of the American Cancer Society ... she liked basketball .... so we are planning some fun basketball activities during the 5K Run / Walk.

- Dave, Monmouth Park District





Idea: Social Puzzling 

This is for a group of ladies at an assisted living center that use these as a group puzzle. They have a table that they use as a gathering place to work on them and talk. This also help integrate new residents into the facility because these ladies invite them to help put them together


- Clara


Idea: Fair to Remember

I have my Fair to Remember event and I will use some of the carnival items I ordered for games and added decorations. We always do sing-along with our residents so to keep them engage , we use the sing-along books with lyrics that they can follow through.


- Betsy/Senior Lifestyle Corp. Valley View Gardens

Knock Down Cans
Rating of 4.0 stars


Idea: Large Motor Games

I serve adults and children with physical and cognitive disabilities and I will be using the items to encourage large motor movement and also to give them the opportunity to play some games that they may have not been able to play before due to mobility!


- Vanessa/ URS


Idea: Science Structures with Clay

This product will be used to make models of various Science structures i.e. land formations; layers of the earth, insects; to model the solar system, etc.

- Brenda Sims-Grant/Cleveland ES





Idea: Color Coding for Sentence Structure 

I will be using the wooden peace signs to make necklaces with my residents here (assisted living) because we have a 60's BBQ coming up! The Family Feud game will be used during National Assisted Living Week because the theme this year is "Family is Forever" so it will be residents and staff together playing!


- Erin / Corcoran House Assisted Living


Idea: Built It Day

I am the special events coordinator at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. We are hosting a Build It Day with a local construction company. They will have heavy equipment on hand for our patients to see. We will host an indoor party with construction themed snacks and activities. That is why we needed the giant building blocks, lego pieces and other construciton themed activities.


- Amy/Le Bonheur Children's Hospital


Idea: Playground Ball Exercises

We use these balls in our fitness classes. Sit on the floor and put the ball in the middle of your back. Lift your butt off the floor and back down. This works your back, your butt, and the backs of your legs. We use the balls for lots of other applications.






Idea: Color Coding for Sentence Structure 

I ordered the pop beads because the colors will help reinforce the grammar program I will be using to instill 'parts of speech'. After teaching the part of speech as a certain color, students will construct pop bead strings in the correct order to go along with their sentence. Hopefully, they will see sentence structure easier using color coding.


- Raeann/Ore City Elementary


Idea: Halloween Themed Preschool Story Hour

In our weekly Preschool Story Hour we have kids from toddlers to 5 year olds. We'll use these supplies for a variety of simple fall-themed crafts that kids of any age can make their own. Thanks for the ideas in your blog!


- Christie / Tuftonboro Free Library






Idea: Busy Hands for Dementia

My uncle is in a nursing home and has dementia. He isn't able to do much anymore, or remember much anymore, but he needs something to do with his busy hands. Otherwise the socks come off. I saw this in a catalog that I received at our church and thought it was a great idea. You have some great items in you catalog for this purpose. Thanks so much!

- Judy




Activity Apron
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Idea: Special Education Music Class 

At our secondary school, we use S&S supplies for our special education music class. The students love using the ribbon wands as introductory or closure activities responding to the styles of music to which they are listening. The supplies are durable and inexpensive making them the perfect choice for daily classroom use.


- Kris


Idea: Paint & Sip Ideas

We are having Paint & Sip for the finch canvas paintings. We are having a craft class for the necklaces.


- Stephanie/Fox Point Manor






Idea: Kindergarten Physical Education

The dice I plan on using for many different things. They can roll the dice and a number can correlate to an exercise. The nets are for the basketball hoops outside. Bouncy balls are a gift to my wife for her classroom. She has a fruit theme in her room this year. Footprints will be used for teaching layups and where to put your feet and I am sure I will come up with other ideas for them as well since I have Kindergarten again this year. The poly spots are for relays and the bracelets are for prizes.


- Jonathan/ Lost Creek Elementary


Idea: Learning with Themes

I'm a preschool teacher and we going to be doing a study on clothes. The children will be counting buttons then ,we're do a study on transportation and they will count different types of transportation and tell you whether it's land, water or air and then with the alphabet shapes they will be spelling their names and identifying colors.


- Victoria



Idea: Sight Word Spots

I love these spots! I teach kindergarten and I ordered some spots towards the end of school year last year and put sight words on them. Students lined up on a word and had to read it before walking out the door. Some times they lined up randomly and sometimes I assigned them a word that they needed to work on. I also carried them and put them down in the hall to line up at the restroom. They practiced their words and lined up nicely. We used them as a center by making a life size board game- I laid them out and they rolled a die then had to read the word they landed on- or all the words to that word. I ordered more to start the year I plan to put the letters of the alphabet on them. There are so many exciting ways to use these in the classroom!

- Lori





Idea: Puzzles for Dementia 

My mom has Alzheimers & lives in a memory care facility. I ordered these tray puzzles for the residents. I have found through experience that many people with dementia enjoy puzzles when they are colorful, have a limited number of pieces, and have uncomplicated pictures. The activity opens the door for conversation.


- Chris

july customer comments


Idea: 50th High School Reunion

I'm making bead bracelets for my 50th high school reunion. We'll use black and white beads, a charm and the numbers 67 on each bracelet.

- Lou Fredrickson





Idea: Summer Welcome Sign 

We will be using the flip flops to make a summer welcome sign. Glue 7 flip flops side by side, decorate and spell out welcome-one letter per flip flop. See pinterest for ideas!


- Rachel Phillips-Western Home Communities


Idea: Slinky Robots & Interact Boards

We will be using the products for both Vacation Bible School and Sunday School. The small slinkys will become the arms and legs for robots, the large one is for decoration. Big is cool! Love the idea of refillable paints! They will restock our used paints. The weaving loops will be used on an interact board with pegs. The kids can use the lops to spell out words or make designs. The craft sticks are also for and interactive board with Velcro. The sticks will be Velcro backed and also used to write words or make designs.


- Colleen/ First Presbyterian Church of Newton, NJ


Idea: Memory Keepsake Tubes

My family is going on a cruise and I am always looking for "souvenir" ideas to be a reminder of the good times

- Missie Batzel





Idea: Mom's Cookbook of Love 

I'm making both my kids a cookbook of my recipes. Recipes I use a lot throughout the year and on special holidays. They are my recipes, recipes I have tweaked throughout the years and made them mine and their favorite. I'm putting them on black paper and in my handwriting, hopefully so excited very time they use one of the recipes, they will smile, knowing I made them this cookbook out of love.


- Charlotte


Idea: Family Reunion

Plastic aprons will be used for our Youth Paint Nite and the Bingo chips will be used for the Ward Family History bingo game.


- Ward Family Reunion





june customer ideas
Idea: Autism Life Skills

I will be using the products I ordered in a self-contained Autism Life Skills classroom to teach job skills to my students.


- Lisa/O Fallon Township High School





Pipe Tree
Rating of 5.0 stars


Idea: Summer Craft Fun

The full size papers will be made into collages using the intense colors and a glue stick. Cut papers will be used as accordian book pages with the same colors and fortune cookie fortunes to be glued on the pages. White coffee filters painted with the same colors will be made into paper flowers held together with a pipe cleaner.


- Audi


Idea: Creating Mosaics

I will use the product I ordered in combination with other collected, found and created mosaic tesserae when building my mixed art mosaic projects to speed up my work with already cut tiles and more color choices. The tiles unable me to use more disciplined and structural designs where other shapes allow me to be more open and free with the flow in the design.


- Sonay/Fortells






Idea: Preschool Motor Skills and Sorting

I teach Kindergarten and plan to use them in my classroom. These will be great for fine motor skills and sorting!


- Kelsey Boekhaus






Idea: Making a Clubhouse Prop

We are using the rolled paper for our Vacation Bible School. One of the props is a club house and we are making it out of foam board and using the paper to cover it. The weathered wood paper hopefully will make it look more realistic.

- Glenda - First Baptist Church Show Low





Idea: Summer Reading Rewards 

Each child enrolled in our Summer Reading Program will receive a Rewards medal. This is something I wanted to do but the funding wasn't there. Your prices make it possible to reward the children


- Linda Rice, Director, Crockett Memorial Library


Idea: "Build a Better World"

We are using the birdhouses for our summer reading program. This years theme is "Build A Better World". We want to show the kids that building a better world means: a better world for all, even birds.

- Boulder Community Library





Idea: Bubble Station

I will have a bubble station at a children's outdoor event June 10 to support a proposed park in our area! Hope the wands make it here by Friday June 9!


- Nancy/South Wake Park Project


Idea: VBS - Gadgets & Gizmos Theme 

I intend to use the pouches as first aid kits as part of the 'Gagets and Gizmos' vacation bible school in July. The kids will be decorating them with red crosses surroundings by a symmetrical design made up of dots using permanent markers. Donations of supplies will fill the pouches. The Bible story that day is the Good Samaritan.

- Katie Windham Presbyterian Church





Idea: 4-H Water Day at Clover Camps

We teach 4-H in Mobile, Alabama and have 4 different Clover Camps each summer for kids 8-18. This year one of ours will be a Water Day where we will teach about our usage of water, water conservation, the water cycle and will all probably get wet. We want to have the children make rain sticks to show how important water has been to us and our Native American ancestors.


- MaryJo/Alabama Cooperative Extension System


Idea: VBS - Construction Theme

I will be using the Fun Foam for 2 projects for our Construction themed Vacation Bible School. The first is to make photo frames. Children will dress up in a hard hat and carpenter's apron. The picture will be attached to a blueprint background with the Bible verse from Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." The frame will be decorated with peel and stick tools. The second project is to make Tangrams. A Tangram is cut from a square and has 7 shapes. These shapes are used to make a picture. We will have several to choose from, some easy and some challenging to teach children to have a stick to it attitude and not give up. God doesn't give up on us, we are his work in progress as he builds us into the kind of person who pleases him and lives for his purpose. Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”


- Nancy First United Methodist Church, Amherst, TX




May customer chatter


Idea: Express Yourself

I run a group each month for children who are in the foster care system or have been adopted from foster care called Express Yourself. The items I ordered will be used at our June get together to make trivets. The children love to create things and I think this will be fun.


-Bernadette / Adoption Rhode Island



Tiny Tiles, 10 lbs.
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Idea: Dog Lover's Retirement

These dogs will be circulated at my retirement party for names and comments. Since I have six dogs, my coworkers joke that I am retiring to be a stay-at-home dog mom.






Idea: Girl Scouts - T-Shirt Leaf Designs

My Girl Scouts Troop 2088 we are going used the paints to make T-Shirts Design with leaves that we had collected and used the paints for next year in Oct at our Scouts Meeting


- Christina Maravel/G.S. Troop 2088



Idea: Library Summer Reading Incentives

Library's Summer Reading Program. Reading incentive prizes and projects to do when visiting the Library.


- Huntington Public Library