Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Infants

Your child’s first Christmas is very special, so here are a few gifts that were hand picked from our S&S associates to help your little one enjoy the holiday!
 infant holiday
1. Old MacDonald Hand Puppet and Board Book

This Old MacDonald Hand Puppet and Board Book looks like a fun and interactive way to share some special reading time together and help keep my daughter’s interest.

  infant holiday gifts

2. Mozart Magic Cube

Anything that plays music and simultaneously encourages sitting and standing is a win in my book. This music cube is colorful and interactive way to encourage sensory and motor skills. My son probably won’t be ready for this for another month or so after Christmas, but it will be fun to grow into.

 infant holiday

3. Little Tikes® 2-In-1 Snug and Secure Swing

My son had a swing exactly like this one and loved it. I think this will be perfect way for my daughter to enjoy springtime or warmer weather.

 infant holiday gifts

4. Sensory Ball Mega Pack

I think that these balls would be fun for her to chew on, since my daughter tends to put everything in her mouth!

 under the sea theme gift infant

5. My First Fishbowl

This cute fishbowl set looks like it would catch my daughter’s attention because she loves soft toys and her room is an Under the Sea theme! The little sea creatures crinkle, rattle, jingle and squeak.

 infant holiday gifts

6. Mini Nest Ball Pool

What child wouldn’t want their own ball pit? This one has thick soft foam sides so I would feel comfortable running out of the room for a moment and would know my son would still be safe. A win for both of us!


7. Butterfly Climber

This Butterfly Climber looks like a fun and safe way for my infants to practice crawling, climbing and standing.

 infant gifts holidays

8. Sound Puzzle Sets

These new sound puzzle sets look like a fun learning tool. When you place the puzzle piece correctly on the board you hear a realistic sound. A fun way to learn about different sounds around us while also working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!

 holiday gift infants

9. Bright Beats Stacker

This stacking set will help my daughter with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skils. It is also super cute and colorful. The bright colors and music help grow her senses, like sight and hearing. Looks like a fun way to play with music and movement!

 infants toys holiday

10. Get Ready Kids Zoo Puppets

Puppets are a fun way to interact with your kids, teach animal sounds and maybe play peek-a-boo! It can also get them familiar with animals and they can be excited when it’s time to go to the zoo for the first time!

Tell us your favorite gift for your infants!

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