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Want to help make a difference in AfterSchool? The National AfterSchool Association is electing new Board members right now and needs the help of NAA members, ambassadors and those passionate about afterschool to cast their votes.

At S&S, we are thrilled to support candidate Michele Wilkens from Right at School. We have collaborated with Michele and Right at School extensively on projects that positively impact their staff and student base across the continent. Her knowledge, passion and stewardship for what is being done in the industry is what inspires us to put our support behind her vote.

About Michele:

Michele Wilkens, EdS, LCPC, is Vice President of Education and Training for Right At School, LLC, an international student enrichment company providing tens of thousands of children high quality afterschool programs in school districts from New York to California, Texas to Canada. Check out this Inc. 5000 organization here:

Michele has 20+ years in education and psychology, is highly accomplished in leadership, curriculum development, training innovation, employee retention, and more. She has even devoted her doctoral dissertation to the afterschool industry. She is running with not just our backing, but that of the current Board Chair, Shelley Bromberek Lambert.

Want to know more? See her Board Application video below!

When to Vote:

You can vote for Michele during the NAA Board Member elections June 5th-16th. This is a great opportunity for you to help afterschool programs everywhere by getting a partner to the table who can share wisdom and success strategies for the benefit of staff and children nationwide.

How to Vote:

Here is the link to vote (you must be logged in):

If you’re already an NAA member:

  1. Your user name is your email address.
  2. If you don’t remember your password, click FORGOT PASSWORD, and use the temporary one they send you to log in.

If you’re not yet an NAA member:

  1. Sign up quickly and easily for a FREE Ambassador membership here:
  2. Then go here:

Find Michele’s name/picture and CLICK VOTE…then vote for her again (you get two!)

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