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Professional Development at PE Central for PE Teachers!

Our friends over at PE Central continue to do amazing things for the Physical Education community!  I have had the honor of working on a few projects with Mark Manross from PE Central, and with each project I grow more respect and adoration for PE Teachers and their passion for what they do.

PE Central Online Professional Development School 

My favorite project thus far has been working with Mark to develop PE Central’s online school that features professional development opportunities for PE Teachers. I was so surprised when I read surveys from hundreds of Physical Education Teachers that expressed the lack of continuing education and professional development out there available to them. Teachers are being required to complete multiple hours of professional development credits and CEUs every year, yet many feel they are not receiving valuable knowledge or tools to implement in their classrooms. Mark and his team wanted to change that for the PE Community.

PE Central now has a handful of quality, informative courses written by knowledgeable, passionate Physical Education Experts, most of which teach at the college level and have valuable knowledge to offer participants. Courses on Adaptive PE, Locomotor Skills, Assessment, Lesson Plan and Resource Development – all very relevant to what is happening in today’s Physical Education classroom.

The response has been fantastic and I’m very excited for PE Central and what they have been able to accomplish. Participants are engaged with one another on discussion boards and feedback is that the information being given IS VALUABLE, and can be immediately implemented. This is exactly what Mark and the instructors set out to do, and I think that the Physical Education community deserves to have a quality continuing education option like this.

To get more information on PE Central’s online courses mentioned above, head here.

PE Central On-site Professional Development Workshops

PE Central also provides on-site workshops with a Physical Education focus, whether it be strictly for Physical Education Teachers, or for getting the entire school or district more active. There are workshops on Project Based Learning, Making Your Whole Day Active!, and personalized workshops based on the school or district needs. Check out on-site workshops here.

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