National Nursing Home Week – Spirit of America Theme

spirit of america

Celebrate National Nursing Home Week (May 14th-20th) with your residents by providing activities that reflect this year’s theme: The Spirit of America. Use the week to schedule activities that relate to the true spirit of America, including its history, its immigrants, and its beauty.

American History

spirit of america themeEducational – Schedule a few trivia games to test your residents’ knowledge about American topics. For instance, for a larger group, use an interactive trivia DVD to get residents to recall important American facts and events. For a smaller group, gather residents to play an American trivia board game.

Reminiscing – Plan a fun Reminiscence Tea Party for your residents to discuss a particular American era of interest, like the Big Band era of the 1940s or the space exploration era of the 1960s. During the tea party, ask residents to discuss their experiences, like which big band they preferred or where they were when they heard that an American had landed on the moon.

Social – Host a Veteran’s Story Circle to encourage residents to share their stories of serving in the military. Pick a topic that relates to veterans, like going to boot camp or returning from war, and go around the room and ask residents to share their experiences.

American Immigrants

spirit of america nursing homeCultural – Host an Immigrants Parade in your Activity Room to celebrate the ancestry of your residents. For the parade, pass out American flags and have each resident share a short story of how their family immigrated to America. In addition, if you have staff members who are immigrants, ask them to participate in a Fashion Show in which they wear attire from their homeland.

Special Event – Schedule an Immigrants’ Lunch that features a variety of foreign foods that have shaped American culture, like Italian spaghetti, Irish coffee, and Mexican tacos. If you have residents from other countries, be sure to include an entrée from their homeland as well. Beforehand, decorate your Dining Room with lots of patriotic balloons.

Historical – Read stories to residents about the history of different people who have helped shape America, like stories of African-Americans.

American Beauty

spirit of americaMusical – Use music to share the spirit of America by showing an America the Beautiful DVD that plays patriotic music while showing pictures of famous American landmarks. In addition, host a Patriotic Sing Along as residents recall and sing familiar songs with others.

Educational – Host a Geography Challenge to test your residents’ knowledge of American geography.

Tactile – Schedule a Jigsaw Puzzle Contest using jigsaw puzzles that feature American symbols. Have residents compete to see who can complete their jigsaw puzzle the quickest.

Arts & Crafts – Ask residents to paint an American scene using canvases and paint. If painting freehand is not an option, provide residents with ready-to-paint images on canvases.

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