Ideas Worth Sharing – A Unique and Beautiful Way to Use Colored Sand at Your Wedding Ceremony

We survey many of our customers and sometimes ask them what they use the products they are buying for. We continue to be wowed by your creative, resourceful and genius ideas, so we want to share them for others to enjoy!

Here’s one special way to use colored art sand to express the coming together of two people into one new family on their wedding day.

“We will be holding what is called as a “Sand Ceremony” at our wedding in September. The two different colored sands will be in crystal bottles at our wedding. Our justice will then say that our union will be symbolized through the pouring of these two containers of sand to make one. As your individual sands come together, it reminds us that neither one of us is whole without the other. It is impossible to separate these two colors of sand now that they have been joined together in this way, nor shall anything or anybody be able to separate your love for one another.” -Betsy

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this great idea, so be sure to comment below!

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