8 DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids to express their creativity. There are so many cute characters, like ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, and mummies that they can create using simple materials. Here’s a list of our favorite Halloween crafts. You can also use them as fun decorations each year.

Mini Halloween Clay Pots

halloween craft

Use our mini or large terra cotta pots to make your favorite Halloween characters! Put candy in them for a sweet treat.

  • Bat: Paint the pot black. Glue wiggly eyes, then draw a mouth and fangs with white acrylic paint using a thin paintbrush. Cut out bat wings out of black paper using a template.
  • Pumpkin: Paint the pot orange. Paint the eyes and mouth black with a small paintbrush or permanent marker.
  • Frankenstein: Paint the pot green, then paint the very tip of the opening with black paint. Use black felt for the hair. Glue on wiggly eyes, then draw a mouth and scars with a permanent marker.

Spider Web Craft Sticks

spider web Halloween craft

How cute are these little spider webs? To make the web, paint 3 craft sticks (either regular or jumbo) with white acrylic paint. Glue the sticks together in the center. Wrap white yarn around the middle, then keep wrapping along the sticks until you get to the end and then tape the yarn to the stick. Cut another piece of yarn and tie it to the end of the stick so you can hang it up! To make the spiders, first cut small pieces of black cord for the spider legs (TIP: Wrap a small piece of pipe cleaner to keep the legs together.) Glue to the middle of the craft sticks. Add wiggly eyes to a black pom pom and glue to the legs, and a mouth out of construction paper if you’d like!

Halloween Cards

Halloween card craft

There are so many options for our Blank Cards and Envelopes pack! We chose to make a ghost and pumpkins. First choose your design. You can use markers, colored pencils, or crayons. Then add your extra embellishments like wiggly eyes for the ghost. Give the drawn pumpkins a 3D look too with black construction paper for the faces. Add glitter to the background of the ghost to look like the night sky. Boo-ya!

DIY Felt Ghosts

Halloween ghost craft

You can also make your own DIY felt ghosts using white felt or white paper and wiggly eyes, and black string or construction for the mouth. See above for some different ghost shapes you can make!

Pom Pom Spiders & Pumpkins

Halloween pom pom crafts

You can also make a spider with jumbo pom poms! The pipe cleaner legs will stick right into the pom pom easily. Then glue wiggly eyes and a mouth (we used yarn). For the pumpkins, you can use both large and small pom poms. Put a brown pipe cleaner into the top for the stem. Then use black construction paper for the eyes and mouth. You can also use wiggly eyes.

Halloween Mason Jars

Halloween craft ideas

We love these Halloween mason jar characters. These are our favorite from masonjarcraftslove.com and there are so many other design ideas on Pinterest. You can either use spray paint or acrylic paint, and then add fun faces with wiggly eyes, construction paper, or marker. The mummy is our favorite – wrap the jar with strips of paper or gauze!

Handprint & Footprint Crafts

Halloween crafts

A holiday isn’t complete without a handprint or footprint craft! These are just a few ideas from Crafty Morning on how to make ghosts, mummies, and Frankenstein.

Paper Plate Cat

halloween paper plate craft

Paper plate crafts are also super popular for holidays. Our favorite Halloween themed plate craft is this black cat from Crafts By Amanda. It’s so easy to make, and very creative.

For more Halloween crafts, activities, and ideas, visit www.ssww.com/holiday/halloween 

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  13. Great craft ideas. Some days I wish I could be a kid again in Elementary school, but then such is not an option. I love the way many schools now do fun stuff in classrooms as a way to teach and keep kids involved. My memories of the classroom was the three R’s all day and the teacher had a ruler in her hand. Ouch!

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