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What is STEM?

STEM education grows out of the idea that the overlapping disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are critical to success in the 21st Century. For the resourceful educator, there's no shortage of exciting projects that align with STEM standards. S&S is here to help build your STEM program and engineer a brighter future for your students!
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Make Students STEM-Ready by Creating a Culture of Innovation!

STEM Education doesn't just inspire our future scientists, it elevates the prospects of all students to compete on a world stage. STEM embraces a child's natural inquisitiveness, creating a space to show kids that "techie" things and challenging projects are fun and cool! Turn your programs and classrooms into an area where students can use critical thinking, physics, problem solving, innovation and their own personalized creativity to learn. Many of our kits involve trial and error, cause and effect, and cultivate an experience where failing leads to gaining knowledge.