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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Scarf Tag
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Cones for boundaries; scarves (2 for each student); 3-5 foam Frisbees; and a whistle
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Set up cones to establish boundaries. Select 3-5 students to be taggers and give them each a foam Frisbee. Have all other students get two scarves and spread out in the playing area. On the teacher's "GO" signal, taggers try to tag the students with the scarves. If a student is tagged, the tagged student must give the tagger ONE scarf in order to resume play. If the same student is tagged again, he/she must give the tagger the second scarf and then freeze. Other students can unfreeze the frozen student by giving him/her a scarf.

The taggers collect as many scarves as they can until the whistle is blown. When the whistle is blown, taggers must hand off the foam Frisbee to a frozen student. The frozen student now becomes the NEW tagger; however, the OLD tagger keeps all the scarves he/she collected.

Teaching Suggestions:

Blow the whistle every 45-60 seconds.

When a student is handing a scarf to a tagger, the other taggers can not tag that student too.

A tagger can not tag the same person two times in a row.
Tina Bossenbroek who teaches at Howard Elementary in Green Bay , WI . Posted on PEC: 3/15/2001.
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