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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Fortune Cookie Warmup
Suggested Grade Level:
4th and Up
Materials Needed:
index cards with instructions/activities written on them; couple of boxes to put cards in; various balls; hoops; cones; and other equipment that match the activities on the cards; stop watch or clock on wall that students can see; upbeat music
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Put a number of index cards with written activities and instructions (see below) on them in one or two boxes in the gym. Divide your class into groups of two or three. Have the students read an activity index card from one of the boxes. They are to return the card to the box and then their task is to perform the activity as it was explained on the card.

It is fine to use one box but I use two boxes so they aren't doing the same activity at the same time. Tell the students how many activity cards they will have to complete (older students can do 5-8, younger students 3 or 4). It is best to mix up harder tasks with easy ones. Inform the students that you have the authority to have them do the activity again if you notice them not doing it properly or following the directions on the card.

Sample Activities for Index Cards

(These are a mixture of elem. and secondary activities)

score two goals a piece while playing Push Up Position Hockey

play leapfrog from one end of the gym to the other

hula hoop with a partner for a minute without it falling to the floor

tell your teacher the most important cues for shooting a basketball

jump rope around the the gym or track do the macarena dance with a partner for 3 min.

take your heart rate and record it on a piece of paper

do fun pushups
20 overhand throws with a parter

volley a ball back and forth without it hitting the floor 5 times

25 figure 8 basketball dribbles around each leg

30 abdominal crunches

3 successful tennis serves

Rest for one minute while doing an appropriate stretch (this can't be your first activity because we don't stretch cold muscles). If you get this card first please select another one.


As students get used to this IA, you may want to hide the box so then one of their tasks is to first find it and then do the task. This adds some excitement.

Add music and when you stop the music that means they have to get another card regardless
Sue MacDonald who teaches at Ron Brent Elementary School in British Columbia, Canada., . Posted on PEC: 9/20/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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