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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Geography Golf
Purpose of Activity:
To have students practice their knowledge of states and capitals while at the same time working on motor skills. This activity also promotes working together in small groups.
Suggested Grade Level:
4th and Up
Materials Needed:
Stand up target for the capitals (cones work well); carpet squares for teeing areas; ropes to outline states; frisbees (preferrably foam); pencils and paper; cards to identify what hole they are on; scorecards
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

This activity is similar to frisbee golf. This time however the students will work together to build the golf holes and they will incorporate their knowledge of states and capitals.

Have three/four students get together privately and decide which state they would like to make for their golf hole. They also need to decide what the capital of that state is. After deciding (don't allow them to choose square states), they are to get 8-12 jump ropes, a cone, and a card in which they will write the number of the hole on. They are to build that state using the jump ropes as the border of the state and then they put the cone where the capital should be. Give them 5 minutes to do this. They are not to tell anyone what their state and capital are! (While they are doing this the teacher can take cones and put up the teeing areas based on where the students are putting together their state. Make some holes longer than others.)

Have the students return to you as a group. They are to get a partner, a scorecard, and a frisbee. Have the students start at any hole they want. They decide who will throw first and then they alternate throwing the frisbee trying to hit the cone in the state. Tell them they must hit the cone "on the fly." Frisbee can't roll and hit state. Students throw from where the frisbee lands and not where it rolls to. The object is to hit the state capital in the least amount of throws.

At each hole or tee have the students record number of throws they had on their scorecard. Also, have the students record their guess as to what state and capital for each hole. Tell them to keep their guesses to themselves.

Upon completion have the students write their collective score on the board and their guesses at the states and capitals. Have a discussion about all of this.

Teaching Suggestions:

Tell students who are not throwing to be on the lookout for stray frisbees from errant throws from other groups. May want to introduce the term "Fore" as used in golf.


To make more difficult, put obstacles around the capital

Use hockey, kicking, or over and underhand throwing skills instead of frisbee throwing

Assessment Ideas:

To help teachers assess students frisbee abilities use our CueChecklist Sheet.

To assess what students have learned and like/dislike about their frisbee throwing abilities use our
Frisbee Throwing Assessment Sheet.
Mark Manross in Blacksburg, VA. Posted on PEC: 9/19/2001.
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