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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Scoot Shoot
Students should be able to move on a carpet square without falling down.
Purpose of Activity:
To have students practice moving to an open space to receive a pass. It is also a good way to work on fitness. Activity cues: Use short passes, move to get open, come to the passer and not away from them
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
1 carpet square per player; 4-5 pinnies; 1 koosh ball or small sponge/nerf ball; 2 small hula hoops hung at eye level at each end of playing area; This activity is best done on a non-carpeted playing floor; If you do have a carpeted area then you may want to have students drap a deck tennis ring or a hula hoop with their feet;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Put students into teams of 3 v. 3 or 4 v. 4. Have every player get a carpet square and one team needs to be wearing pinnies. Throughout the activity all students must have 1
foot on a carpet square while pushing with the other
foot (like a scooter motion). Have one team start with the ball at a point of your choice (half court, etc.). The object is to move your team down the playing area and then throw the nerf/foam ball
so that it hits inside the hula hoop on the other teams side. It is best to tape or mark an area off
around the hoops (like a crease in hockey) that is off-limits to all
players. 5-10 feet may be a good distance.


Must make 3 successful passes before a shot

If offense regains possession after ball is dropped, the 3 pass sequence starts over

May only hold the ball for 5 seconds

Defense must stay 3 feet away from opponent

After a score, other team brings ball in

If the ball is caught by a player who does not have their foot on the carpet square, the other team gets the ball

No goalies

Students may change foot on carpet square any time


Use as part of a small group games circuit. Students stay at each activity for
about 8-10 minutes.  The space used was approximately
1/4 the size of a basketball court.
Boundaries and out of bounds were the same as basketball

Assessment Ideas:

At the end of the class use PQP questioning or have students write down the answers to these questions.

P = Praise - Name something you liked about
Scoot Shoot.

Q = Question - What didn't you understand
about the activity?

P = Polish - write one way you could
make this acitivity better.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Allow child with disability to play without a carpet square.

Allow child with disability permission to pick up ball if they are not able to catch it.

Allow teammates to hand the ball to disabled child if they can't catch.
Kim Sentman who teaches at Cherry Hill Middle School in Elkton, MD. Posted on PEC: 9/22/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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